Executive Travel Security Services For Women In Leadership Roles

Executive Travel Security
Services For Women

Executive Travel Security Services For Women illustrated by a business woman traveling to brazil for work.

Executive Travel Security Services For Women

Executive travel security services play an especially important role for the women who conduct business internationally. Corporate travel for women is different for men in executive leadership roles and comes with incredible risk for several destinations. It’s no secret that not every place in the world is friendly to women, and employers will bear full responsibility if they fail to provide executive security services during business travel. 

Enlist close protection security from a qualified executive protection company that is highly familiar with the threats that face women in executive leadership roles. Fulfill your responsibility to provide safe work arrangments even during business travel that includes protective drivers and so much more.

The Top Five Most Unfriendly Corporate Travel Destinations That Call For Executive Travel Security Services

#ExecutiveProtection should be called upon for these top five destinations that pose unique #CorporateTravel risks.

Executive Travel Security Services illustrated by a women traveling to Brazil for business.

Use this information to avoid placing women in executive roles in dangerous scenarios during business travel. These are the five most dangerous destinations for women in executive leadership to visit for the sake of business.

5. Executive Protection For Female Executives Traveling To Argentina

Female executives will need to exercise caution when conducting business in Argentina. Traveling to this destination alone presents significant risks along with street-level harassment. At times it may be hard to blend in with the general public, and female executives should expect to attract attention from local men regardless of their appearances. Visiting job sites and meeting with clients should be facilitated with a private driver who is local to the area, and public appearances or speaking events should always include a dedicated close protection security agent.

4. Executive Protection For Travel To Saudi Arabia 

Saudi Arabia presents unique business opportunities but several complex travel risks if your executive team includes women. The female population of Saudi Arabia is dictated by law to dress very modestly, and while it isn’t law for tourists to adhere to such regulations, there could be consequences for those who skip out on these local customs. Clothing that is deemed acceptable by North American standards may be met with verbal harassment, and some women in executive roles may unknowingly break local laws or customs for their appearance. Further, the risk of wrongful detention is high for both foreign men and women for public displays of affection, or for sharing a hotel room with someone of the opposite sex.

The traditions of Saudi Arabia are complex, and employers sending their female staff should not only enlist executive protection services but also conduct intelligence gathering to properly assess risk and plan appropriately.

3. Executive Protection For Women Visiting Mexico

On the surface, Mexico has a reputation for welcoming visitors from across the globe, but visiting the country for the sake of work as a woman is an entirely different story. Many rural destinations of Mexico are unsafe for foreign travelers and women could be targeted for petty street crime, violent assault, rape, and kidnapping attempts. Visiting job sites outside of busy tourist areas in Mexico always calls for a skilled driver to facilitate safe travel. The safest approach would include an executive protection agent who travels side-by-side with your executives, avoiding complexities and planning for every possible risk.

2. Executive Protection For Business Travel To South Africa

Crime in South Africa presents incredible danger for women visiting for business purposes. Instances of petty street crime are high, and women in executive leadership roles are bright targets for bad actors who look to harm others. Criminals will utilize several distraction techniques to steal personal belongings and hijack vehicles. Further, political unrest in South Africa can lock down roads and travel hubs including airports and bus stations. 

Women in your executive teams should never travel to South Africa alone and should always be accompanied by someone who is trained in evasive driving and close protection services.

1. Executive Protection For Women Traveling to Brazil

Rampant crime and unpredictable political landscapes present an especially dangerous situation for women traveling to Brazil for business. Armed robbery in Brazil is incredibly common, and executives paint a target on themselves should they walk along the streets at night. Travel should always be facilitated with a protective driver who can not only ensure executives visit job sites safely but also avoid political unrest. Large-scale political demonstrations can leave your workforce in harm’s way with few options for a safe return home. These demonstrations can occur with very little warning and are often impossible to predict.

Executive Travel Security Services From AFIAMC Global

Employers concerned about the safety of the women in their executive teams can begin by assessing risk and planning appropriately alongside AFIMAC Global. With resource stations across the globe including South America, employers can ensure the safe movements of their staff with several protective drivers and close protection agents meeting their staff upon arrival. The peace of mind offered is a small price to pay for the financial and reputational damage of having one of the women in your executive teams being robbed or held for ransom.

Contact us now to learn more about our full-service offerings that can assess risk and protect the human resources that make up your workforce. Tap into resources including protective drivers and executive protection services of all kinds.

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