Duty of Care for Corporate
Travel to Distant Workplaces

Duty of Care for Corporate Travel to Distant Workplaces

June 2, 2023

Duty of Care and Travel Management Solutions

Duty of care travel solutions exist in a number of capacities for industries that require work outside of what would be considered a traditional job site. Many manufacturing companies call upon their workforces to travel, while senior executives are tasked with visiting job sites to inspect the quality of work and ensure customer satisfaction. Truthfully, however, is that not all travel management companies are created equally, and employers need to look far beyond traditional travel insurance to properly address corporate travel risks. 

Oil, refinement, natural gas, construction, and even technology sectors often call upon their workforce to travel for work, whether visiting a job site or attending a trade show event. As an employer, your legal obligation to protect your staff and provide a safe workplace extends beyond your immediate job site. Partnering alongside a travel management company can work to address travel risk challenges and protect the human resources that represent your company during corporate travel.

A man looks out the window while he is driven by a protective driver sourced by AFIMAC Global. Such services can fulfill an employer's duty of care obligations during business travel.

When a workforce is called upon to visit places like Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia, the unpredictable nature of corporate travel can create several risks that are ultimately the responsibility of the employer. Lean on travel risk management providers such as AFIMAC to address these issues and help you provide a safe workplace for your staff wherever they are in the world.

Duty of Care and How an Employer Can Protect a Traveling Workforce

Businesses that experience a sudden surge of business or are actively scaling are likely to have a number of corporate travel needs that simply require support from a specialized third party. Travel management companies for manufacturers can work to address the complexities of multiple travel bookings, manage sudden changes in travel arrangements, and seek optimal cost savings opportunities for entire workforces.

Enlisting a dedicated travel management company can also take the burden off corporate employees having to adjust their travel plans if the unexpected happens. Sudden hospitalization, conflicts with locals, or instances of theft or robbery must be addressed by the employer; otherwise, the corporation will be faced with complex liability issues.

Duty of Care and Travel Risk Assessments

It’s no secret that some travel destinations pose an extensive risk to all corporate and leisure visitors. Employers are often faced with a difficult predicament when business opportunities present themselves in Mexico, Peru, Brazil, and the rest of South America. These destinations may warrant a complete travel risk assessment, along with a number of security resources, to preemptively address the associated risks.

Some destinations in South America remain in a difficult political state, where flash protests can strand a corporate traveler, cause damage to vehicles, and even block off major roadways. Leaving your employee to adjust their travel arrangements on their own can cause more harm, creating a risk of becoming lost in dangerous neighborhoods and exposing your workforce to kidnapping attempts.

Corporate Travel Made Easy Alongside AFIMAC Global

Travel risk assessments are unique options offered to employers on behalf of AFIMAC that help to fulfill an employer’s legal obligation to protect their workforce, even during travel. A full assessment of your travel arrangements can identify risks that are typically overlooked by internal travel managers and monitor the potential for political disruption, kidnapping attempts, and so much more.

Many corporations see incredible value in addressing corporate travel risks by enlisting protective drivers and executive protective agents to actively protect their workforces and executives. Locally sourced security drivers can be paired up with small groups of traveling workers, acting as a guide that can avoid dangerous situations and rearrange travel plans at a moment’s notice. Not only do travel management solutions from AFIMAC protect your staff, but they also demonstrate an employer’s efforts to address travel risks.

Fill out the form below and explore several duty of care solutions that help you provide a safe space for your staff to work while they travel across the world. Explore threat monitoring, protective driver solutions, and close protective agents that secure workers and ensure their safe travels around the globe.

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