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Who Is Responsible For
Injuries During Corporate

Who is Responsible for Injuries During Corporate Travel?

June 12, 2023

How AFIMAC Can Prevent Injuries During Corporate Travel

Injuries during corporate travel fall into a grey area of duty of care. Employers must take reasonable steps to protect their staff from reasonable harm, even during business travel. Truthfully, corporate travel often places employers in a difficult situation, as they are responsible if employees get injured. Corporate travel management companies can manage many of these complications and help employers fulfill their duty of care obligations regardless of where their staff are.

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When employers leave their corporate travel responsibilities to a qualified third party, not only can these specialists protect and monitor your staff, but they actively illustrate an employer’s commitment to providing a safe workplace. Such services protect not only staff but also employers as well, avoiding complex liability issues and protecting a business’s bottom line.

Corporate Travel Management and Duty of Care

Sending your workforce out on assignment comes with plenty of risks, even if they are traveling to friendly destinations in Europe. Truly anything can happen, and if an employer fails to address these risks properly, they ultimately experience the full brunt of the consequences. Travel insurance is not enough, and North American employers have a moral and legal obligation to provide a safe space for their staff to work. 

Travel mishaps experienced during corporate travel can be very complex to navigate, and travel insurance may be limited if something unfortunate occurs. As an employer, putting your staff in a dangerous situation could cost you tens of thousands of dollars and harm your brand for years. Travel management solutions are a small price to pay in comparison to the many risks your business faces during corporate travel. 

Duty of Care and Preventing Injuries During Corporate Travel

For many sectors, including natural resources, mining, and manufacturing, work-related travel needs are so extensive that a dedicated travel management company can save your company large amounts of money. Travel management specialists often have connections across the world, capable of negotiating better deals for your team. AFIMAC is capable of working alongside many different vendors for travel and accommodations, helping arrange and plan for your workforce’s arrival.

Changing your workforce’s travel arrangements on short notice can be especially difficult. Certain destinations are politically complex, with the risk of protests and demonstrations arising quickly. It’s next to impossible for a traveling workforce to pivot to avoid such political rallies, which ultimately place them in harm’s way. Getting caught up in a protest creates very serious risks of injury, while being left to navigate a sudden road closure is not only a frightening but dangerous situation. The best travel management companies are able to weigh all of these risks, adjust travel arrangements, and allow your workforce to focus on the job at hand rather than the country’s political landscape.

Protective Drivers and Chauffeurs Available Internationally

AFIMAC is a unique travel management company in that, as a corporation, we maintain extensive resources in Mexico, Brazil, and Latin America. When North American businesses need to travel to such destinations, we work alongside these entities, conduct risk assessments, and manage every detail of travel, including the fine details.

Protective drivers are especially valuable for corporate entities visiting Mexico and Brazil. It’s become increasingly common for business travelers to visit these destinations, and foreign travelers can easily become lost or targeted by organized criminals. Protective drivers from AFIMAC are well aware of the local area along with the many threats against corporate travelers. With their knowledge and training, protective drivers can quickly change travel arrangements, avoid dangerous neighborhoods, and ensure safe movements throughout exotic destinations.

Duty of Care Solutions by AFIMAC Global

Even the most experienced corporate traveler can be surprised at the risks that come with traveling to remote destinations. Many rural towns across Mexico and South America come with their own set of risks, which could potentially expose an employer to very serious liability concerns. In some destinations, North American travelers stick out and are targeted for kidnapping attempts, while some unprepared travelers can get caught up in a flash protest.

Actively work to fulfill your duty of care obligations and ensure safe movements and corporate travel anywhere in the world, including Mexico, Brazil, and South America. North American corporations can explore a wide range of solutions offered by AFIMAC that include protective agents, drivers, and risk monitoring that ensure their safety in some of the world’s most remote destinations.

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