Corporate travel security in Brazil.

Corporate Travel Issues for

Corporate Travel Issues for Brazil

June 12, 2023

Corporate Travel Security Solutions For Brazil

Corporate travel to Brazil comes with many risks that every company and working professional should be aware of. Many corporations are exposed to significant liability issues when sending their workforce to Brazil or other parts of South America. Companies should always use a travel security company that has the resources to protect staff and successfully mitigate risks as they arise.

Many industries, including the mining and refinement sectors, must send their workforce to destinations such as Brazil. Without proper preparations, a company could be held liable for an injury, travel mishap, or kidnapping. Many of the major cities of Brazil, including Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and Salvador, have been plagued by violence which could impact your workforce’s travel arrangements. Explore a variety of tools, including protective drivers, threat monitoring, and close protection agents that actively work to ensure the safety of your workforce. 

Corporate travel to Brazil often calls for executive travel security, especially in rural destinations of Brazil.

Corporate Travel To Brazil: Top Travel Risks for Executive Travel To Brazil

Learn about the top travel risks for corporate travel to Brazil from the travel security specialists of AFIMAC.

Political Unrest in Brazil

“Some of the political turmoil in Brazil has subsided as of late, but there is always a demonstration in Brazil for one reason or another,” said Ruben Mena, President of AFIMAC Latin America.

“Folks demonstrate for all sorts of reasons in Brazil, including protests against the government, labor rights, and salaries. The problem is that most of these demonstrations are sporadic, sometimes set off by a single Tweet.”

“There is a significant negative impact on a business or major corporation that has one of their senior executives caught up in one of these demonstrations,” he added. “Whether they are injured slightly or kidnapped, the reputational impact is tremendous on the business end, not just on the personal end.”

Mena calls for, at the very least, a local protective driver provided on behalf of AFIMAC that is highly familiar with the area and can adjust travel arrangements to avoid problematic political demonstrations. In some cases, political rallies have clogged up major cities, blocked highway access, and even limited the flow of vehicles to major transit hubs, including train stations and airports. Should a traveling executive or workforce be left to address these issues alone, it could put them in danger and lead to more serious problems such as violent theft or assault.

Violent Crime and Assault in Brazil

Many of the major cities of Brazil continue to have issues associated with violent crime, including armed robberies. In places such as Rio, flash robberies have become common, where a group of criminals, sometimes children, quickly mob and attack a tourist or corporate traveler.

Kidnapping Attempts in Brazil

Organized criminals in Brazil often monitor major banks and public ATMs to spot visitors who may be carrying large amounts of cash. In other cases, corporate travelers are targeted and followed upon arrival at a local airport, kidnapped, and then taken to an ATM to withdraw money. Some criminals may push the corporate traveler to contact their employer and extort money from the organization in return for their release.

Issues with Driving in Brazil

The entire country of Brazil stands as one of the most dangerous places to drive in the world, as the risk of an auto collision is exceptionally high. Traditional traffic signs and lights are commonly ignored by locals, while road conditions are generally poor in comparison to North American standards. Locals also tend to drive at excessive speeds, putting all those sharing the road at risk of serious injury.

Executive Travel Security To Brazil From AFIMAC

Lean on a security company with resources situated directly in the heart of Brazil. Many of AFIMAC’s protective drivers are trained to manage the risks of traveling throughout Brazil, capable of avoiding protests and ensuring the safety of their clients. Further, AFIMAC can offer close protection agents that are highly aware of the threat landscape of Brazil, escorting their subjects side-by-side through every step of their journey.

Fill out the form below to learn more about AFIMAC’s security resources in Brazil, available to North American corporations.

Updated January 15th, 2024: AFIMAC is proud to serve any client concerned about the travel risks in Brazil. Whether you are an executive, CEO, or high-net-worth individual, or political leader, AFIMAC can facilitate your safe travel needs with security details and private driver services stationed directly in South America. Fill out the form below to discuss your individual needs for executive travel to Brazil.

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