Personal security services from AFIMAC accompany journalists reporting in Mexico and South America.

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Personal Security Services That Address Attacks on Journalists

August 9, 2023

Personal Security Services For Media and More

Travel to Mexico, Brazil, and South America WIth Complete Peace of Mind

Personal security services for journalists and reporters in places like Mexico can work as an added layer of protection for those who have been subject to threats of violence, physical attacks, and harassment both online and offline. The work of journalists and reporters across Mexico has been exceptionally complex, as many have been subjected to security issues tied to organized criminals and even the general public. Personal bodyguards and close protection officers are imperative for many employers in Mexico who must fulfill their duty of care obligations when sending their reporters into the field. Bodyguard services are just the tip of the iceberg, as many traditional security services and security companies provide reactive offerings rather than proactive risk mitigation strategies.

Explore offerings from AFIMAC that address the risks of reporting the news across Mexico. Oftentimes, proper risk mitigation for media companies includes extensive planning, risk mitigation strategies, protective services, and a number of social listening tools to keep your staff safe. Explore duty of care solutions that speak to the nature of journalism and news reporting across Mexico.Security Risks From The General Public

There has been growing rhetoric among the general public that people should not trust mainstream journalists. “Fake news” has been thrown around to the point where journalists are challenged when reporting on events and incidents. Verbal insults can be ignored, but the risks have grown to include violent interactions, workplace protests, and even threats of violence across social media platforms.

Journalists in Mexico are in a difficult position, weighing the importance of their work against their own personal safety. Protective agents offered by AFIMAC Global can work in an employer’s best interest to protect media as they conduct their work. Services include protective drivers, bodyguards, and social listening who can spot threats online before they cause real-life harm.

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Personal Security Services That Protect from Organized Criminals

Many traditional journalists, television reporters, radio hosts, and even bloggers have learned that speaking out on organized crime in Mexico can solicit very negative reactions. Free and fair journalism has been under attack for decades in Mexico, as reporters are truly risking their lives when they report on organized crime across the country. The cartel maintains significant influence in many communities, and contributing a fair and balanced article to a newspaper may result in a number of unfortunate consequences, including death threats, acts of violence, and displays of force that are intended to inspire fear across the media landscape.

Mexico still needs fair reporting, just like the rest of the world, and employers must explore solutions that speak to the complex needs of media conglomerates and television stations. Security services for journalists in Mexico, when provided by a qualified company such as AFIMAC, consider every possible risk facing these brave individuals. Attacks on journalists in Mexico are all too common, and the proactive risk mitigation tactics from AFIMAC can speak to the complexities of journalism security across the country.

Personal Security Services from AFIMAC Global

AFIMAC stands as a unique security company with resources stationed directly in Mexico. When media or journalists must visit dangerous neighborhoods or are experiencing threats against their safety, security resources can be dispatched to their location to ensure their safety while they complete their work. Explore protective drivers, close protective agents, and several risk mitigation strategies that actively listen in on bad actors and help you plan for complex safety risks.

Employers and media organizations can fulfill their moral and legal obligations to provide a safe workplace for their staff by enlisting global specialists in media security. Our extensive reach can proactively address security risks but also offer options for those concerned about a home invasion and public attacks, with close protection officers available on-demand and on short notice.

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