Business Travel Security Services:
Trends for 2024

Business travel security services illustrated by an executive checking his watch during travel to South America.

Business Travel Security Services and The Shift Away From Luxury

Business travel security services have received heightened importance as many corporations explore safer, more secure, and less extravagant corporate travel options for their workforces. Post-pandemic, business travel spending continues to shift, with many major airlines reporting fewer bookings compared to the pre-pandemic years. As more corporations adjust their budgets, opt for video conference calls, and see less value in major trade shows and conferences, the focus is likely to shift toward the role of security during travel, rather than indulgence.

Business travel security services illustrated by a executive walking through an airport.

Corporate travel may not ever return to the levels it once saw prior to the pandemic. When the costs of a business class seat soars and corporate budgets level out, employers might be rethinking how their workforce travels. Air travel remains as hectic as ever, with labor shortages continuing to many airline’s ability to serve customers. Travel disruptions remain commonplace, and the benefits of corporate may simply outweigh the travel risks looking beyond 2023. 

Today, employers are likely learning the hard way that business travel has been causing more headaches than it should. Shift the focus on productivity and security, and take strides to put the safety of your employees before all else.

Business Travel Security Services & Corporate Travel Trends For Employers 

The security risks that come with business travel remain the same, despite fewer bookings and a new emphasis on reduced carbon emissions. Depending on the location, some travel risks may have become more organized and elaborate,  Women, in particular, face serious security risks during corporate travel, often reporting feeling unsafe in both traditional and non-traditional locations across the globe. LGBTQ+ travelers as well, have often had to rebook their accommodations during business travel simply because they felt unsafe.

Employers are seeing now more than ever that corporate travel isn’t all about building relationships with clients or rubbing shoulders with competitors at trade shows, it’s about safety. Heading into 2023, corporate travel and duty of care will need to evolve alongside one another, placing safety risks well before pricey business-class bookings and expensive accommodations.  

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Current Business Travel Risks

Security risks in business travel, especially when executives must visit cross-border towns in Mexico or destinations in South America are ever-changing. Sending staff to these destinations calls for extensive efforts on behalf of the company to ensure their safety no matter the circumstances. Even if companies have the most elaborate travel insurance policies in place, that is often not enough. Instances of kidnapping are better addressed preemptively as travel insurance policies tend to have few solutions to such issues.

Liability falls on the employer, even if the workplace is in the depths of rural South America. An employer’s duty of care obligation to provide a safe workplace and address reasonable harm can be complicated during corporate travel. Without the right efforts, safety risks can cause serious personal injury, or worse, death. Leave the complexities of duty of care and business travel to the security specialists who bring together traditional security resources and intelligence-gathering tools into one duty of care solution.

Travel Security Offerings from AFIMAC Global

Address the corporate travel risks of 2023 and beyond alongside the security specialists at AFIMAC Global. Take some of the uncertainty out of business travel and focus on putting the safety of your workforce and executive team first. AFIMAC maintains global security resources in destinations such as Mexico and Latin America, including everything from protective drivers to executive protection agents, and ongoing threat monitoring that helps your personnel stay one step ahead of present risks.

Consider gathering intelligence prior to conducting business on international destinations, and weigh the risks of whether or not your team members may face unexpected security concerns. Flash protests, organized crime, and even weather can all play a role in the well-being of your traveling workforce. 

AFIMAC offers full-service solutions to employers who are concerned about safety issues tied to business travel in 2023 and 2024. When risks are especially high, executive protection agents from AFIMAC can work directly alongside an executive, ensuring their safety every step of the way. All services are tailored to the needs of each individual client, and bring both extensive security training and intelligence tools that help to provide exceptional safety.  

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