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Executive Travel To Panama: Travel Security Services From AFIMAC Global

Executive travel to Panama may not pose as much security risk when compared to places like Brazil, but it doesn’t mean reasonable precautions shouldn’t be taken. Many tourist hotspots such as Casco Viejo welcome visitors from around the world for it’s reputation for being abundantly safe. There are, however, many neighborhoods in Panama City that must be avoided, along with rural parts of the country that could pose a risk to any business or executive traveler.

Ensure that your executive team has the security resources for traveling to any part of South America by partnering alongside AFIMAC Global. Pair up your traveling workforce with executive protection agents and local protective drivers while gathering intelligence and monitoring risks. Never leave the safety of your senior leaders to chance to ensure business travel is focused on productivity rather than the many potential security risks along the way.

The simplest way of avoiding risk during executive travel is to leave the details to a qualified security company such as AFIMAC Global. While Panama has a friendly and welcoming reputation, our local protective drivers can take much of the uncertainty from traveling to South America.

Executive Travel Safety Tips For Visiting Panama 

Visiting rural parts of Panama for business purposes can be incredibly dangerous even for the most seasoned traveler. Hailing a local cab or even using a rideshare application exposes workforces to risks including kidnapping attempts, petty theft, and violent crime that employers must work to avoid. Many executives stand out in public places, especially when traveling as a group, where any sign of wealth can attract the attention of locals and organized criminals.

  • Avoid ATMs entirely as they are often quietly monitored by those seeking to partake in a crime of opportunity. Should you need cash, consult with a trusted local on the best way to do so. Public ATMs may also be a place where criminals “mark” their targets for theft.
  • Rental cars aren’t worth the risk as driving standards in Panama might be lower than what most executives are accustomed to. Busy streets, unexpected road closures, and public demonstrations can leave executives scrambling or lost in a dangerous part of town. Leave the driving to someone who is familiar with the area and is trained in navigating the uncertainty that comes with parts of Panama.
  • The double-wallet trick may be of benefit to executives who are concerned about picket-pocketing. Leave a dummy wallet in your back pocket while placing your valuables in a cross-body bag that is concealed by a sweater or dress shirt.
  • Even if you are lost, don’t look lost. An executive asking for directions are requiring roadside assistance is a recipe for disaster. Criminals often appear friendly at first in an attempt to gain your trust but could be looking to harm travelers or snatch and grab valuables at the perfect moment.
  • Stay out of politics entirely and quickly remove yourself from demonstrations as soon as they occur. While Panama’s political landscape isn’t as contentious as some other South American countries, these political demonstrations are highly unpredictable and could turn violent. Flash protests are possible and do have the potential to surprise executives who are more focused on business rather than monitoring local media.

Executive Travel Between Panama and Columbia

Much of the area that lies near the Columbian-Panama border is considered especially unsafe for foreign visitors. Here, organized criminals often facilitate violent crime and kidnappings, targeting visitors who are conducting business or are curious about the country’s many nature reserves. In these areas, local law enforcement might not be able to address your concerns in the event of a robbery or kidnapping, leaving the employer to find solutions. 

Executive travel to panama shown via the panama canal.

Travel insurance often has limited options to serve their customers if the client has visited unsafe destinations and had previously been warned about possible dangers. While Canada and the United States do not have active travel advisories against traveling to Panama, they do caution avoiding many areas near and along the coast of the Panama-Columbia border.

Travel Security Services From AFIMAC Global

Take as much risk as possible out of the travel arrangements for your executive teams and partner with AFIMAC Global to address every detail of upcoming travel arrangements. Many of our executive travel security offerings are full-service, capable of offering executive protection agents that accompany teams throughout the journey. 

Further, AFIMAC maintains security resources directly in South America, with protective drivers who are familiar with the area and can pivot travel arrangements as soon as an unexpected event occurs. Our intelligence officers continually monitor the threat landscape of your destination, capable of predicting when political unrest will unfold and informing our agents of present risks. 

Leave the complexities of security to the specialists at AFIMAC, who have for the last 30 years assisted multiple Fortune 500 companies with their executive travel arrangements. Whatever your needs may be, we remain highly capable of providing the security resources needed to avoid the efforts of organized criminals across South America.

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