Close protection training can help employers develop their own security forces.

Close Protection Training
Available in Fall of 2023

Close Protection Training: Building Strong Internal Security

Close protection training from AFIMAC is offered regularly for corporations, private entities, or individuals looking to develop their skill sets in security. Develop your own internal security team with specialized training, built off the experience of veteran security leaders who have been working alongside AFIMAC for years.

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Security risks facing executives, religious leaders, politicians, or high-net-worth individuals continue to grow and evolve, calling for ongoing dedication to skills development in risk management. There are times when a corporate leader or politician faces incredible safety risks that spill out of the immediate workplace and into their home and personal lives.

 Give your staff the tools and training required for securing your job site while boosting their skills in close protection designed specifically for senior leadership. Training from AFIMAC builds on the fundamentals of security but also places them in real-world scenarios to give them the hands-on experience needed to provide exceptional protection. 

Excellence In Security and Training

Partner with North America’s premier executive protection provider and learn many of the skills that the security professionals of AFIMAC have used for continued success and excellence. Internal security teams that need to be properly trained will likely create deeper security issues, putting the C-suite and the entire workforce at risk. 

Regular training of your security teams also shows a corporation’s dedication to duty of care, avoiding claims of negligence in the event of workplace violence or active shooter scenarios. Plan for and train your staff on how to respond during a crisis, offering tools that could save innocent lives.

AFIMAC Workforce Security & Executive Protection Training

AFIMAC training seminars give security professionals skills in conflict resolution, protective driving, and contingency planning for keeping their VIPs safe. Those who partner with AFIMAC have the unique opportunity to train with some of the most experienced security professionals in North America. Our leadership teams have historically been leaned on by well-known media personalities, politicians, and executives for Fortune 500 companies. 

In-the-field training from AFIMAC provides real-world scenarios, rooted in decades of experience working alongside North America’s most prominent clients.

AFIMAC’s training specialists offer incredible depths of experience and expertise, capable of passing on such knowledge directly to our clients and security teams. We can also facilitate training for entire workforces that are intended to promote effective conflict resolution, helping your staff resolve workplace violence concerns before they occur. Build a corporate culture focused on productivity, capable of resolving their conflicts without security risks.

AFIMAC Close Protection Training Offerings

For decades AFIMAC has provided world-class executive protection services for clients from all walks of life.

Now employers can leverage the same techniques to improve their own security details. Connect with us directly to learn more about upcoming close protection training seminars conducted by AFIMAC. Fill out the form below to speak with an AFIMAC representative directly and learn more about our close protection seminars, and our workforce safety training offerings. Seminars are scheduled months in advance, don’t delay and reach out to us directly to learn more.

Below are AFIMAC’s most recent training marketing materials. Training programs from AFIMAC change regularly, contact us directly for future offerings.

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