Investigation services for workplaces and employers concerned of internal theft and workplace fruad.

Workplace Investigations
That Address Internal Losses
and Theft

Investigation Services That Address Internal Losses and Theft

April 19, 2023

Investigation Services Available Across North America

Investigation services conducted by an independent private investigation company such as AFIMAC can help employers get to the bottom of suspected theft. When an HR investigation is performed internally, there is an inherent conflict of interest that can jeopardize the quality of your internal investigation and send you back to the drawing board. An independent third party should always complete a workplace investigation in an effort to gather intelligence fairly, without any sort of bias or conflict of interest.

Investigation Services shown via a investigator reviewing the results of a case.

For employers that face compliance and ethics complaints, setting up a hotline to collect these concerns is typically the first step. Gathering such information can help an employer learn more about their workforce and ultimately develop a culture of honesty and integrity. But when internal losses spiral out of control, AFIMAC can work alongside any employer to take the next steps in a workplace investigation and bring an end to theft.  

Workplace Investigations and Organized Theft

Internal theft across North America has resulted in billions of dollars in losses, especially within the logistics sector. The companies tasked with moving valuable goods, including consumer electronics, are responsible for ensuring that they reach their destination without complication. In 2023, the goods that are targeted for theft are endless, and many retail chains, technology companies, and automotive industries are faced with the fact that their own workforce might pose the greatest risk to their business.

Many employers should attempt to determine whether their issues with internal theft are more than just crimes of opportunity. Smash-and-grab crimes have become increasingly common in a post-pandemic world, but there is a possibility that corruption within the workplace is more organized than it once was. One small instance of theft left ignored by an employer can lead to a culture shift within the workplace, with the risk that staff could work together to facilitate much larger crimes.

Investigation Services Sperating Fact Over Fiction

AFIMAC’s workplace investigation teams work quickly to get to the bottom of suspected theft. Our investigators can collect all information related to potential losses in the workplace, moving swiftly to ensure evidence is collected before it is destroyed. More importantly, AFIMAC investigation techniques are unbiased, allowing employers to make informed decisions about their workforce that can withstand litigation. 

When an investigation is completed, AFIMAC prepares extensive documentation of the results for senior leaders, allowing them to make decisions about their workforce without further consultation. Each investigation is based on fact, never speculation or office gossip. When interviews are completed, they are conducted solely to collect information, never to pressure staff to admit wrongdoing or point fingers at coworkers. Our experience in this area of expertise is unmatched by any competitor, and we can work to uncover fraud in the workplace quickly, ultimately protecting the best interests of the company.

Workplace Investigations and Risk Mitigation

Employers trust their workers and managers to handle sensitive information, including shipping schedules, routes, and security access codes. At times, criminals may target your business as a place of interest and organize theft by simply applying to work directly for your company.

AFIMAC can work alongside a business to preemptively address internal theft before it happens. Explore risk mitigation strategies and access control options, and lean on the expertise of AFIMAC to secure your workplace and manage risk, including internal theft.

Workplace Investigations from AFIMAC

A thorough workplace investigation can reveal deeper issues with the company, potentially answering the questions as to “why” your staff are partaking in theft. Crime and theft within the workplace may uncover that employees are stealing out of need or are not properly compensated for their work. In other cases, a poisoned corporate culture can be revealed, while vulnerabilities in the workplace can be brought to light.

Such private investigation efforts can help an employer mitigate the risks of theft for years to come by adjusting corporate practices and revising offerings for new and existing staff. An AFIMAC workplace investigation is a small price to pay for the incredible amounts of information that can help your company adjust, make informed decisions, and focus on continued growth.

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