Temporary Tent Structures For Outdoor Events

February 10, 2024

Temporary Tent Structures For Rent; Delivered in North America

Temporary tent structures are now available on behalf of AFIMAC to support any outdoor event, convention, or community gathering in North America. Between community fairs, music festivals, and large-scale motorsports events, AFIMAC can provide a suite of rental options to make the experience as exceptional as possible. Rentals of temporary structures and equipment offerings continue to expand, dedicated to serving clients with unique needs in the live event industry.

Explore temporary tents, structures, and mobile assets to support your next event, along with fleets of contingent workforces for exceptional productivity. AFIMAC handles every detail of delivery and logistics, capable of providing multiple temporary structures anywhere in North America. Have tent structures deployed to your event space and accommodate VIP guests with exceptional comfort, or provide shelter as a means of mitigating the risks of rain.

Temporary tent structures for rent deployed to an outdoor concert in Texas.

Portable Tent Structures Delivered Directly to Your Location

Portable buildings and temporary structures from AFIMAC are best suited for hosts of large-scale events that serve the general public Structures can be used to support production and television crews, musical acts, or live performance stages of all kinds. Consider supporting a music festival with a dedicated tented VIP section for artists, or provide support for onlookers during a motorsport event that is organized throughout a busy city. 

AFIMAC’s temporary tents and structures are tailored to the needs of clients, capable of supporting events both big and small, in both Canada and the United States. Even conventions and trade shows can benefit from temporary tent structures, helping vendors and support staff have a dedicated space to plan for and execute the event successfully. Available for both short and long-term assignments, with flexible rental programs to suit the needs of any client on any budget. 

Tapping Into Human Resources On-Demand

An exceptional live event requires extensive personnel to not only construct temporary structures but also ensure the safety of your guests. While deliverable tent structures provide comfort, additional human resources can support your event in multiple ways. Even when an employer is faced with never-ending labor shortages, AFIMAC delivers staff to your job site when needed. 

Our temporary workforces are the perfect complement to our equipment rental options, providing structural support and labor required to ensure your next event is a great success. AFIMAC continues to work alongside promoters of well-known music festivals and hosts to large-scale motorsports events, addressing not just their equipment needs, but also security.

Security For Events, Concerts, Festivals, and Conventions

Playing host to large events that attract thousands of attendees comes with a responsibility to keep everyone safe and secure. AFIMAC has specialized in the complexities of securing a large-scale sporting event for decades, capable of deploying endless security resources along with deep and comprehensive pre-event security planning. Further, leverage the private investigation tools of AFIMAC to monitor public chatter and predict public demonstrations, bomb threats, and other related security risks before they happen.

When hosts and promoters have a clear picture of the risk landscape before their event, they can properly adjust their security resources and make decisions rooted in the safety of the general public. AFIMAC can even facilitate the safe travel of VIPs, athletes, celebrities, musical acts, and high-net-worth individuals. Consider close protection services for your guests at your next convention, and provide the right security support for the acts that the public is paying to see.

Temporary Tent Structures and Equipment Rentals by AFIMAC Global

Temporary tents are just the beginning of the equipment rental options available from AFIMAC Global. Consider deploying an entire base camp to support your next event that includes mobile accommodations, mobile kitchens, temporary restrooms, hand-washing stations, and even power generation. Should your event be located off-the-beaten-path, AFIMAC can deploy such mobile assets to support any kind of event.

Fill out the form below to learn more about our offerings and consider tapping into both equipment rentals and human resources to support your next venture. Contact us now to learn more.

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