Temporary Construction Tents For Outdoor Job Sites

February 14, 2024

Temporary Construction Tents & Deployable Assets For Employers

Temporary construction tents remain ready for deployment on behalf of AFIMAC Global. Employers in this industry face the fact that some of their job sites can be negatively impacted by weather or other factors that can put your workforce and equipment at risk. Temporary tents are the latest expansion of AFIMAC’s equipment rental and mobile asset options intended to support workforces while protecting a client’s physical property.

Traditional support structures for construction sites can be incredibly costly and time-consuming to set up. AFIMAC’s deployable offerings help clients save time and money, helping employers pivot their job sites quickly, without incurring the costs of constructing a new job site. We stand out from other equipment rental providers in that we can facilitate the delivery of such offerings, despite the logistical challenges in place. 

Servicing Contractors Across North America

It’s no secret that time is money, and contractors face the prospect of having their bottom line harmed if projects are not completed on time and budget. There are so many uncertainties that come with a complex construction project, and everything from logistics and weather can impact your workforce’s productivity and timelines.

AFIMAC provides solutions to incredibly strict timelines in the construction industry. Capable of providing additional support in the form of mobile assets, temporary structures, and even fleets of contingent workers. Remain one step ahead and have resources deployed and in place for your next project, even if it is off the beaten path.

Temporary construction tent set up on a job site in Ohio.

The AFIMAC Track Record

AFIMAC has for decades serviced employers and municipal governments for all of their risk management and mobile asset needs. When private and public organizations need additional support, AFIMAC deploys fleets of mobile assets and human resources to help keep the lights on and maintain continuity. This risk management and disaster response planning has worked to address the needs of individual clients, offering something as simple as a hot shower and a freshly cooked meal, or something more complex including shelter from a natural disaster.

2024 marks an expansion of our mobile assets and equipment rental offerings to include temporary structures best suited for the construction industry. Clients in this sector often call upon their staff to work both outdoors and in remote locations across North America, sometimes without any local accommodations or support structures. Ultimately, a workforce without any support in place both your equipment and staff at risk, especially if inclement weather is at play.

Duty of Care and Equipment Rental Solutions In North America

AFIMAC provides duty of care solutions that can help support a remote construction site with mobile assets and temporary structures of all kinds. Such offerings are perfect for employers in home building, commercial property construction, or pipeline building, even if the next job site is a far distance away from modern society. Whatever the need may be, AFIMAC works directly alongside clients to ensure that their next job site has the support resources in place, while ensuring the safety and comfort of the workforce themselves. 

Consider temporary structures but also mobile accommodations, restrooms, showers, hand-washing stations, and mobile kitchens for large job sites. All of our offerings are available anywhere in North America, deployed to your job site, and returned to our facilities once the assignment is completed. 

Temporary Construction Tents & Workforce Support: Connect with Us Today

Connect with us directly to learn more about what role AFIMAC can play in business continuity, mobile asset support, and deployable tent structures intended to support workforces in construction. Our offerings continue to speak to the complex duty of care and productivity needs in contracting, capable of servicing employers across the continent. Many of our assets can also be leveraged for the agriculture, natural gas, and oil sectors as well.

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