Executive Accommodation Rentals For On-Location Film Shoots

Executive Accommodation
Rentals For Film Sets

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Executive Accommodation Rentals: Offerings For Film and Television

Executive accommodation rentals made available from AFIMAC Global ensure the safety and comfort of even the most particular film stars. When your film studio is host to high-profile film and television actors and actresses, traditional film crew accommodations will simply not suffice.  High-quality movie set accommodations offered by AFIMAC are traditionally reserved for high-ranking corporate executives but can be leveraged to offer superior comfort to those who are accustomed to exceptional comfort and class. The movie set trailers for rent from AFIMAC can be deployed directly to your film set, available for rent for either short or long-term assignments.

Executive Accommodation Rentals illustrated by a stage light across a blue background.

Remain dedicated to ensuring the comfort of film stars regardless of your film set’s location. Ensure that all of your staff are focused on creating exceptional work, and cater to those who expect comfort and security while on location with your production company. 

Executive Accommodation Rentals For Film Studios

The logistical challenges of owning and operating your fleet of film trailers and mobile accommodations come with unique complexities. Storing these assets can be expensive, and transporting them to your next film shoot can offer more challenges than solutions. Renting these kinds of mobile assets offers flexibility, leaving many of the logistical hurdles to the specialists at AFIMAC. When film shoots are located in the busy streets of a large city, or are located in the depths of mother nature, AFIMAC can facilitate the transportation of these executive-style accommodations, allowing employers to focus on more important aspects of their film shoot. 

AFIMAC’s rental programs are specifically tailored to the needs of the film industry, with rental arrangements that are flexible and speak to the sometimes unpredictable nature of filming a major television or movie production. Should your production company need to unexpectedly extend its rental arrangements, AFIMAC can offer solutions including the extension of your rental period.

Rentals With Flexibility & Dependability

When well-known film and television stars are being employed on set, uncomfortable accommodations can harm the reputation of your production company and have stars thinking twice about their commitments. High-class hotel accommodations may simply not be available because of the nature of your film shoot, and the responsibility will be on the employer to ensure the comfort of their high-profile actors. 

When actors come with a long list of expectations in terms of comfort and accommodations, mobile assets might be the only solution available. The executive-style mobile trailer rental solutions from AFIMAC can even be complemented with mobile kitchen solutions, staffed with highly-trained chefs that can facilitate the production of exceptional food services. Cater to the rich and famous, but also provide offerings that speak to unique dietary requirements. Such services can keep entire workforces well-fed, with rental arrangements that can utilize such services for any period.

The rental offerings of AFIMAC are tailored to your needs, offering incredible ease of use, deployed anywhere in North America. Feed the masses with not just any food, but explore staffing options that can include the services of professional chefs.

Considering Film Set Security Solutions

Not only does AFIMAC bring mobile rental assets to your film set, but as a company, we can also speak to your needs for security. Mobile executive accommodations are best complimented with a full risk assessment before housing a well-known television star, closely examining the security risks of filming in both small towns and busy cities. Carefully understand the potential for security risks that come with playing host to those who attract attention from the general public, and compliment your film site with security resources that can ensure the safety of high-profile actors. 

Explore AFIMAC’s rental programs and bring comfort and security to your next film production. Rental arrangements of our executive-style mobile accommodations ensure exceptional comfort, even when the film set is off the beaten path.

Explore several logistical solutions to ensure the comfort and safety of film stars that can generate tens of millions for your next film or television series including protective drivers, access control systems, and close protection security agents that can be staffed outside your executive accommodations and film studio.

Accommodation & Equipment Rentals For Television and Film by AFIMAC

Connect with an AFIMAC representative and fill out the form below to learn more about what we can offer production companies across North America. AFIMAC brings mobile accommodation and trailers to you while working closely alongside clients to ensure their film set is free from complication. Our rental programs also include several assets including lighting rigs and power generators that speak directly to the many challenges of filming on-location and beyond traditional film studios. 

Connect with us directly by filling out the form below to learn more; don’t delay, contact us now. 

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