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Staffing Agency Services
Mobilized in North America

Staffing agency services illustrated by AFIMAC mobile temp workers.

A Staffing Agency Deploying Human Resources Across North America

Immune To Labor Shortages In Skilled and Low-Skilled Sectors

Staffing agency services from AFIMAC are the latest expansion of our labor offerings. As labor shortages across Canada and the United States challenge employers, 2024 is shaping up to be a complex year for any business leader looking for talent locally. Skilled talent, in particular, remains incredibly difficult to source and recruit, even after an employer has boosted their offerings and increased their starting wages.

For the construction, manufacturing, warehouse, and logistical employers in North America, there continue to be incredibly few immediate solutions at your disposal. Talent pools are simply stretched too thin, while costs of living have many potential recruits leaving major cities for more affordable living arrangements.

Staffing Agency Offerings That Are Mobilizlized

Immediate Difference Makers

Persistent labor shortages can negatively impact your bottom line, compromising productivity and leaving very few options to navigate such challenges. AFIMAC remains one of North America’s only full-service mobile staffing agencies, helping you push back on your short-staffing issues with skilled labor that can be called upon to support your business.

Staffing agency services illustrated by an AFIMAC forklift driver.

As both Canada and the United States labor market continue to lean in favor of the job-seeker, skilled workers have incredible leverage, capable of weighing different options and carefully choosing their next working opportunity. In 2024, many employers are facing the music that they need access to labor sooner rather than later, rather than wait to successfully recruit and train the next generation of their workforce.

Push Back on Labor Shortages and Short Staffing

Never let labor shortages challenge your business and have plans in place for short-staffing issues that simply have no immediate solution in sight. AFIMAC’s access to premium labor comes from decades of careful recruitment, with staffing solutions available to employers of all shapes and sizes across North America. Even when labor shortages persist in your local area, our talent solutions are mobilized to you, helping you brace and plan for a halt in productivity or a complete work stoppage. Respond and have plans in place for labor shortages, even if as an employer, you believe they are unlikely in nature.

Talent Sourced From Across Canada & The United States

For decades, as a company, we have quietly built a mobile workforce that has been working in the business continuity space. We have deployed laborers to job sites facing an unexpected natural disaster, a labor dispute, and now, labor shortages. While our home base is located in Ohio, we maintain resources across Canada and the United States. Our reach continues to expand, and our own mobile workforces are prepared for short-term and uncertain assignments with flexibility in mind, prepared to support a business with extended overtime and a wide range of skills.

Business continuity can be maintained alongside AFIMAC Global as we remain capable and willing to support multiple job sites, employers requiring skilled trades, or traditional laborers in support of your workforce. Whatever your need may be, AFIMAC has specialized in providing premium talent to an incredible range of Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and even well-known consumer-facing brands. We now continue to expand our offerings, providing temp agency services.

AFIMAC’s business model continues to expand to include an incredible range of staffing solutions and equipment rentals. Lean on AFIMAC to power your job site, deploy support mobile assets, and bring in fleets of workers. We continue to specialize and pivot our offerings to better speak to the needs of our clients with offerings that include both human and mobile resources designed to support your business.

Bring AFIMAC Staffing Agency Services To You

AFIMAC continues to reframe our offerings to speak to the often complicated nature of rural and metropolitan labor shortages. It can be incredibly difficult for remote or rural businesses to find talent solutions before your business is unable to supply demand. AFIMAC remains incredibly agile in this matter, deploying our own workforce to your job site. The immediate solution available to you means that you can refocus on recruitment, and avoid the worst possible case scenario. Our workforce is ready and prepared to take on extended overtime, weekend shifts, and 12-hour assignments to ensure your business navigates these issues without failure.

Services are tailored to each client’s individual needs and could be something as complex as taking on a complex manufacturing work assignment or maintaining order during a surge in patients at a hospital.

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Reach Out To Us Directly To Learn More

Begin the process and contact us today to learn more about AFIMAC and our growing pool of talent and human resources that are delivered to your job site. Take control of labor shortages that have the potential to pose a significant risk to your business. At the very least, have plans in place to avoid a complete halt in productivity. Clients often pay very little for developing a relationship with AFIMAC, helping you brace for challenges and have contingency plans in place in the event your recruitment efforts fall short in 2024.

AFIMAC is happy to answer questions about our labor services.

Connect with us directly and contact us today to learn more about the labor solutions at your disposal. Our temp agency service offerings are growing by the day, and we take great pride in exceptional service excellence for an incredible variety of employers including municipal governments, healthcare networks, religious organizations, and much more.

Contact us now to learn more.

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