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Employment agency services illustrated by temp construction workers from AFIMAC on a job site in Pittsburgh.

Employment Agency Services At Your Fingertips

Employment agency services from AFIMAC Global provide immediate relief from the complexities of North America’s ongoing labor shortages. Whatever the reason for labor shortages in your community may be, employers are finding out the hard way that even after boosting their offerings, it doesn’t guarantee success. Employers simply need human resource solutions in the immediate near-term, while considering the greater picture of their recruitment challenges.

But the truth is that for some employers, short-staffing concerns can truly be a life-or-death situation. Now is the time to have plans in place to manage critical labor shortages that can pose a risk to not just your business, but to those you serve. Lean on AFIMAC for human resources that can help you navigate the uncertainty of 2024.

Employment agency services illustrated by a AFIMAC manager directing temporary workers.

Employment Agency Services Helping You Pave The Way To Success

AFIMAC’s history in the labor dispute and disaster response space has paved the way for robust employment agency offerings with mobility at its core. While we have historically helped business leaders plan for risk, the ultimate risk against exceptional productivity in 2024 is likely to be simple understaffing. 

AFIMAC can work alongside any employer, of any shape or size, across Canada and the United States, helping you plan for and address the risk of critical labor shortages well before they happen. Alternatively, AFIMAC can also deploy staffing solutions on short notice to your job site, helping you manage the uncertain and sometimes unexpected nature of a labor shortage.

Preemptively Plan For The Risk of Critical Labor Shortages

Being capable of servicing demand during critical labor shortages can be exceptionally complex, with local staffing agencies competing for the same talent as you. AFIMAC can provide immediate solutions, even in the event that your workforce is strained or burnout, are simply absent, or your recruitment efforts are lagging behind demand.

The key, however, to maintaining productivity during these difficult times is to develop contingency plans alongside AFIMAC Global. Our contingent labor services are only called upon in the event they are needed, with clients only experiencing costs in the event our services are needed. Our approach to labor services helps employers have a “backup plan” just in case all other options have been exhausted. When the time comes, ensure productivity and ensure your business can remain resilient in the face of uncertainty.

Take A Close Read of AFIMAC Offerings

AFIMAC Agency Services For Any Occasion

Our own mobile workforce comes in droves and includes access to traditional security, general laborers, support workers, manufacturing laborers, food service, skilled trades, drivers, firefighting, EMT, and medical support. We can also provide labor services for the construction industry, including several equipment rental options intended to support outdoor workforces.

We work closely alongside clients to identify their needs, taking care of every HR detail well before they ever arrive at your job site. We can recruit on your behalf, tapping into labor pools from beyond your immediate location and transporting and accommodating them while they service your job site.

The end result is a full-service employment agency service that can provide solutions to labor shortages that can compromise the productivity of your business.

Contact Us Today To Learn More

As we reframe our business to address the needs of employers, including warehouse, manufacturing, logistics, factories, and municipalities, we push for a deeper understanding of client needs to serve you better. We remain readily posed to partner with employers with multiple job sites and have a need for qualified labor. 

Our history has included partnerships with well-known global brands, government entities in Canada and the USA, and major names in the manufacturing sector. We continue to develop and maintain resources across the continent.

Contact us directly and begin developing a relationship with AFIMAC to learn more about our service offerings. 

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