Temporary Labor for Logistics, Warehouses, and Factories

February 15, 2024

Temporary Labor For Logistics Available Nationwide

Temporary labor for logistics is readily available to any employer across North America on behalf of AFIMAC Global. Despite ongoing labor shortages being felt globally, AFIMAC stands as a temporary agency capable of deploying entire workforces to clients who have exhausted their local talent pool.

While labor shortages persist in rural communities in Canada and the US, some of the only solutions in the short term may be to leverage talent from beyond your immediate community. The same can be said for major cities, as labor shortages have proven consistent, even years after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Temporary Labor for Logistics illustrated by a warehouse worker pushing cargo.

Labor Shortages Amongst Factory and Warehousing Work

Laborers have been leaned on for decades by employers to supply demand in their warehousing, shipping, and receiving hubs. For years, these employees have provided essential and important work, often being asked to take on additional overtime in a job market that has historically been in favor of the employers. The toll it takes on workers is extensive, and new members of the workforce are well aware that there are many more options available, even if they have limited skill sets. 

Times have changed, unfortunately, and employers have had to compete with one another to attract the laborer who is willing to take on this challenging work. Many industries provide on-site training, upskilling opportunities, and flexible work arrangements that offer reprieve to the often-exhausting demands of warehouse work. Without a total rethinking of an employer’s offerings, talent may simply never consider exploring opportunities in factories or warehouses ever again.

The solution to these labor shortage concerns is not simple, as time will tell if increased benefits and a rebranding of these industries will attract youth in the long run. In the short term, employers simply need labor to support their business, avoiding critical labor shortages that can halt productivity entirely.

Labor Shortages in Warehousing

The North American labor market remains in a delicate position in 2024, with 1.4 jobs available for every unemployed person in the country, according to Reuters.

Certain industries are feeling a labor pinch more than others, especially in industries with aging workforces or roles that call for manual and on-site labor. Warehouses, factories, and logistics industries, in particular, simply don’t draw the attention of a young and eager talent pool that will be retained for many years. In fact, the sentiment among young people may have shifted permanently, with new talent opting for roles that offer more flexibility, comfort, and less manual labor.

As existing workforces will eventually need to retire, many employers should be planning for what could be a permanent labor shortage for many years to come.

Temporary Labor For Logistics and Business Continuity Planning

While many of the business continuity planning offerings from AFIMAC Global have been used to address risks like labor disputes and natural disasters, they can also be leveraged for labor shortages. AFIMAC can prepare for the potential of a critical labor shortage at your business, capable of serving multiple job sites across both Canada and the United States. 

Take some of the risk and uncertainty out of a possible labor shortage and work alongside AFIMAC to plan for such concerns. Simply having a plan in place to manage these risks comes at a remarkably low cost. Such strategies can even be tailored to meet surges in demand, with short-term assignments that include extensive overtime.

We continue to serve many well-known manufacturing brands across the continent with full-service temporary labor solutions that are deployed to your job site. AFIMAC’s mobile workforce comes pre-screened with wide skill sets and is capable of supporting your business in the event labor shortages limit productivity and harm your bottom line.

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