Healthcare Temp Agencies Continue to Support North America’s Hospital System

February 10, 2024

Healthcare Temp Agencies Remain Committed To Serving Hospital Staff  

Labor shortages pose significant challenges for North America’s healthcare system in 2022. While many healthcare facilities including hospitals, long-term care homes, and clinics have bent but never broken, a labor crisis has been slowly developing well before the pandemic began. But as 2022 rolls on, healthcare temp agencies remain ready to address these labor shortages with skilled laborers that can act as support staff to existing talent. During emergency shortages, temp labor can be a lifeline that can act at a moment’s notice, ensuring your facility continues to provide quality care.

Medical staffing solutions and temporary labor offer the peace of mind that when labor shortages and absenteeism challenge the quality of care at a healthcare facility, fleets of workers can be deployed to maintain operations. In emergency situations, medical staffing agencies can help entire hospital networks meet the demands of their patients and ensure that quality care is provided in a timely manner.

Healthcare temp agency services shown via nursing staffing walking through a hospital.

Healthcare Temp Agencies and Support Labor Shortage Statistics

A Mercer white paper took a close look at the labor shortage in healthcare across the United States, noting that close to 10 million low-wage workers play an important role in critical care, home health aides, medical assistants, and nursing support staff. The problem remains that the needs for these workers will increase over the next five years, noting that 6.5 million of these workers are likely to leave their jobs permanently, but with less than two million people to take their place. 

Another study made claims that a third of the entire healthcare workforce in the United States has considered leaving their job, citing burnout, low pay, and poor working conditions. Many pundits have pointed to increasing wages and attracting youth to these professions, but that simply doesn’t solve the complications the healthcare industry is facing right now. Should your hospital not receive the support it needs in the immediate future, many workers will experience significant burnout and consider leaving their profession entirely.

Avoid Long-Term Consequences of Labor Shortages

The consequences of these labor shortages being experienced in the healthcare sector are far-ranging, with one report suggesting that many health systems are risking patient and staff safety during these challenging times. The delivery of quality care is being threatened, harming efficiency, and in many instances, bringing surgeries to a halt. The long-term harm that these labor shortages present to patients is still not fully understood, as these labor shortages are expected to continue for at least the next five years.

Accessing proper care has been delayed significantly, and some patients may see their health conditions decline, opting to not seek out care at all because of how significant these delays are. At other times, hospital staff are so overworked that the quality of care they provide declines, running the risk of infections other than COVID-19 harming both staff and patients.

Supporting Hospitals and The Healthcare Industry

Medical staffing agencies can help source temporary laborers and address some of the immediate concerns of the healthcare system in North America. As nurses, doctors, and support staff continue to rack up overtime pay, a temporary healthcare workforce can lessen the overtime work that these staff members are taking on. The result is that temporary staff can effectively reduce the costs to the healthcare system itself.

Temporary workforces also come with the benefit that all payroll, scheduling, and benefit expenses are handled by the agency itself. These temporary assignments typically do not offer paid sick leave and vacation time, meaning that every hour paid on behalf of the healthcare system is exactly an hour of work. Much of the costs of training temporary staff are also handled by a temp agency, and many workers come with relevant experience that can speak to your immediate needs.

Temporary workers can also act as support staff to existing workforces, taking on low-wage roles including cleaners, cooks, and administration staff. Further, temporary workers can step in as secretaries, executive assistants, and medical archivists. Utilizing temp labor can also offer a close look at potential full-time staff, providing the opportunity to select workers who can grow into other roles and expand their skill set through ongoing training and full-time work.

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Staffing Services Provided by AFIMAC

AFIMAC is in a unique position to provide temporary labor services to every sector of the healthcare industry across North America. Recruiting local talent can be incredibly difficult, especially when local talent pools are running low. Leverage temporary worker solutions when your existing staff are overworked and burnt out, and ensure that your facility can provide quality care during these difficult times. 

Lean on AFIMAC’s database of workers to fill in roles within the healthcare system and avoid the unfortunate consequences that are tied to this global labor crisis. Contact us today about temporary worker solutions that can speak to both your immediate needs and budget constraints.

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