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Contingent Worker Services Brought Directly to the Job Site, Anywhere in North America

Contingent worker services could keep many major grocery chains afloat during some of the most difficult labor turmoil since the Great Depression. Labor disputes in the food and grocery industry have officially begun, and employers across North America are keeping a close eye on the outcomes of a worker strike that has challenged one of Canada’s most well-known grocery chains.

General laborers in the grocery industry have cited soaring costs of living across the country as the main reason for their picketing. Many striking workers also point to increased profit margins experienced on behalf of the corporation, demanding a fair share of profits to make ends meet. As this one Canadian grocery chain attempts to strike a fair deal with its unionized workforce, other workforces may be looking to follow suit, either partaking in strike action or pursuing unionization.

Contingent workers for grocery stores, factories, and more show via a grocery lane.

Contingent Worker Services For Any Occasion, Including Labor Shortages

Grocery stores and the supply chains that support these businesses utilize a mix of general laborers and low-skilled workers. Whether these workforces or unionized or not, the people that you employ experience the same cost of living crisis that is occurring in Canada. When interest rates creep higher and the price of rent increases, there are only two options available; demand more from the employer or move on entirely. Grocery workers across North America simply have nothing to lose in their battle for a living wage that is in line with what is occurring in the rest of society.

Contingent workforces can buy grocers in North America precious time as they grapple with labor shortage. Maintain the continuity of your business alongside AFIMAC Global.

The entire food retail sector should be bracing for labor strikes and unionization that can reshape your business for many years to come. The same can be said for labor shortages, which are especially problematic in rural parts of North America. Contingent workforces are one of the available solutions to employees that allow your business to continue to support your job site as union negotiations persist. Bringing temporary workers from beyond your immediate neighborhood is a small price to pay for the costs of seeing one of your stores shut down completely as a result of a worker strike. Temporary workforces from AFIMAC bring staff directly to you, taking care of all of the logistics including transportation and accommodations, ensuring your business stays productive regardless of what is occurring between you and your workforce.

Looking Beyond The Grocery Industry

Contingent worker services, however, are suitable for a multitude of industries, as labor issues remain persistent for many employers. Solutions are available, even if human resources are not immediately available to in your location. AFIMAC’s own mobile workforce brings skill sets that can do anything from stocking shelves, supporting warehouses, and even working in manufacturing. The range of skills available on behalf of AFIMAC is in constant evolution, designed to support employers of all kinds.

The Risk of Labor Disputes

In the grocery space, a heated picket line puts you, your workforce, and your customers at risk. Should a member of the public have an unpleasant experience at your store due to a picket line, or experience a personal injury, the employer will face the burden of responsibility. When these kinds of incidents occur it paints the employer in an incredibly negative light, harming the corporation’s reputation well after the labor dispute has resolved. Avoiding the liability concerns of a picket line at a brick-and-mortar retail location calls for security measures far more than physical security guards.

Employers are strongly encouraged to carefully document every incident on the picket line, utilizing investigation companies to gather evidence to protect the business itself. AFIMAC looks well beyond the immediate security picture and can instead tap into social chatter to take a temperature read of an ongoing picket line. When risks present themselves, AFIMAC can notify employers, dispatch security resources, and keep the peace while ensuring incidents are both limited and prevented.

Contact Us To Find Solutions To An Employer’s Labor Challenges

Every labor dispute is unique and employers are advised to preemptively plan for the risk of workforce unionization and labor disputes. Being caught off guard by an unexpected strike can leave employers scrambling for solutions while exposing themselves and others to the risk of injury. Contingent workforces are just the first piece of a complex puzzle facing senior leaders who are facing a labor dispute. AFIMAC’s staffing agency services continue to expand into new sectors, capable of helping you find ways to make ends meet during short-staffing events.

Know your options and contact AFIMAC as soon as there are concerns about a labor dispute that could impact your business. Contingent workforces are ready and waiting to help support employers as they work alongside their workforce to find a fair and suitable solution. As a company, AFIMAC specializes in labor dispute services, carefully working alongside major brands throughout North America to plan for labor disputes, but also leveraging contingent workforces when the time calls for it. AFIMAC maintains a database of skilled workers who can be called upon and delivered to your job site while being more than willing to take on extended shifts and overtime.

Leave no detail overlooked and enlist the global leaders in labor disputes, capable of addressing the needs of laborers while simultaneously addressing security risks.

Fill out the form below to contact AFIMAC directly. We remain ready to serve the food, grocery, and supply chain sector with contingent workers, helping you bring labor disputes to a close with as few complications as possible. Alternatively, tap AFIMAC for labor temps that can help your business make ends meet in the short term, while exploring solutions for the long term. AFIMAC knows very few physical boundaries and can work with employers throughout North America. We continue to expand our temporary labor offerings, suitable for a wide variety of employers in Canada and the United States, not just grocers.

Contact us now to learn more.

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