Temporary Staffing For The Sake of Addressing The Risk of Labor Shortages

February 19, 2024

Temporary Staffing Services Deployable Across North America

Temporary staffing services can work to manage risks facing public and private entities throughout North America. Today, the threat landscapes of religious institutions, private businesses, and corporations of all kinds continue to shift in both troubling and unpredictable ways. During these difficult times, AFIMAC can provide fleets of temporary workers to lock down a job site, support a business, or manage the challenges of labor disputes and union strikes.

Temporary staffing services illustrated by a construction worker carrying a beam.

Consider all elements of risk in 2024 and have the right plans in place to push back against these challenges. When all other staffing agencies are short on talent, AFIMAC taps into human resources from beyond your immediate area and brings them directly to you.

Temporary Staffing and Exploring The Top Risks Facing Public Entities and Private Businesses

Risks will continue to evolve in several ways in 2024, and employers and government leaders will need to consider that truly anything can happen to their job site or workforce. Effective risk management considers both the obvious and highly unlikely, with extensive business continuity planning that can prevent disruptions to productivity and keep all parties involved safe.

Below are some of the most common risk scenarios that could harm continuity and eat into any client’s bottom line.

Persistent Labor Shortages in North America

Nearly every industry is facing recruitment challenges due to a shift in worker sentiment that has many traditional workers exploring different job opportunities. Low-skilled workers have become increasingly selective in the types of jobs they take on. Logistics, warehouse, and manufacturing jobs that call on staff to work on demanding job sites or during non-traditional hours are likely to experience labor shortages for the foreseeable future. The same can be said for the hospitality, healthcare, and food service industries, where interactions with the public can be challenging and thankless.

Workers will need to be enticed back to these industries with improved wages and benefits and working arrangements that are far more attractive than they have been in the past.

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Labor Strikes and Workforce Unionization

As the costs of living in North America continue to rise, employers face the likelihood of strike action and unionization efforts from their workforce. Labor strikes are complex and challenging issues that can not only bring productivity to a halt but also create security risks for anyone on or crossing the picket line. Employers should consider the likelihood of a problematic strike and have plans in place to manage such issues.

Temporary staffing and contingent workforces are available from AFIMAC but call for advanced planning to be most effective. With the proper amount of time committed to planning, employers can avoid disruptions to their productivity and ultimately protect their bottom line. 

Protest, Picketing, Political Unrest, and Boycotts

The divisive nature of politics in 2024 has set the stage for the public to turn against trusted brands and businesses for whichever side they take on the political spectrum. Just one insensitive social media post can have the public boycotting your company. These trends can quickly gain traction online and even result in a political demonstration at your job sites. Executive leadership will need to carefully review the political nature of their business and consider the risks of taking a side in any political discourse. 

Having members of the public arrive at your job site for the sake of a political demonstration can quickly become a nightmare with liability concerns and security risks that must be responded to.

Temporary Staffing Services from AFIMAC Global

AFIMAC is North America’s top risk management company, capable of helping any business, institution, or government entity plan for risks in every shape and form, including the risk of labor shortages. Whether your firm is concerned about unionization, labor shortages, or political challenges, AFIMAC can provide temporary staffing for the sake of security and peace of mind. Tap into labor resources from beyond your immediate job site for short and long-term assignments, and deploy resources to lock down a job site or support your operations.

Our database of skilled workers knows very few boundaries as AFIMAC handles every detail of logistics, screening, and accommodations. Further, AFIMAC doubles as an intelligence agency that can carefully monitor public chatter and help your leadership team plan and brace for risks.

AFIMAC continues to be entirely non-political, serving university campuses, large-scale employers, healthcare, and religious institutions with any of their risk management concerns. Our full-service solutions are tailored to your needs, with many employers only incurring significant costs once temporary laborers are deployed.

Have plans in place for any risk and ensure business continuity in the face of an ever-changing threat landscape. Fill out the form below to speak to an AFIMAC representative today. Contact us now.

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