Supplemental Labor Services

Supplemental Labor Services illustrated by a construction worker carrying a scaffold.

Supplemental Labor Services Anywhere in North America

Supplemental labor services remain ready for deployment in support of any kind of skilled workforce across North America. Even if local labor shortages challenge your business or organization, AFIMAC provides solutions to such challenges, delivering human resources anywhere in North America. Support your business by partnering alongside AFIMAC and tapping into temporary labor even as local temp agencies have no other options available.

We continue to recruit and employ temporary laborers from across both Canada and the United States, offering traveling work assignments to our own workforce. The end result is temporary labor solutions suitable for a number of different employers, including those that maintain skilled workforces.

Supplemental Labor Services For Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals and general healthcare facilities continue to face some of the most complex labor challenges in history. These skilled workforces work in incredibly challenging environments, exposing them to abuse and burnout. AFIMAC does not maintain traveling nurses, but instead fleets of support workers that can supplement an existing workforce. 

Supplemental Labor Services illustrated by a construction worker on a job site in Minnesota.

Consider bolstering your security efforts when your hospital or long-term care home simply has an overload of patients and requires additional support. Manage the flow of guests and patients, offer additional security to prevent workplace violence, and maintain peace during stressful rushes. Additionally, tap AFIMAC for general laborers who can cook, clean, and support your staff during challenging times. 

Simply having an option available to you allows you to have a backup plan for critical labor shortages that could put your workforce or the general public at risk. AFIMAC encourages clients to simply develop a relationship with us and plan for critical labor shortages, incurring costs only when your own staffing challenges reach dangerous levels.

Supplemental Labor Services For Construction

What makes AFIMAC unique is not just our ability to provide exceptional temporary staffing, but also provide laborers with an incredibly wide range of skill sets. This could include both general labor and skilled labor for the construction industry. While the entire construction sector faces it’s own set of recruitment challenges, AFIMAC can provide labor services on-demand, even deploying them to outdoor or non-traditional job sites. This could include anything like road maintenance, pipeline building, and general construction of homes or commercial buildings.

AFIMAC handles every detail of logistics, transportation, and accommodation, providing full-service staffing solutions when other options are simply unavailable. Our own mobile workforce remains accustomed to such work assignments, ready and capable of working in a variety of different working conditions, even for extended periods of time.

Staffing on Demand For Manufacturing

The very nature of work within the manufacturing sector remains difficult and uncomfortable, compounding labor issues that began with the pandemic. Recruiting in this sector remains incredibly difficult, even when employment offerings are improved to be more competitive. Employers will need to consider every option available to them to make ends meet while looking to the future for new ways to recruit for their business.

We have specialized in providing support for the entire North American manufacturing industry for more than 20 years; capable of providing labor intended to support your own workforce when required. Relieve a burnt-out workforce and remain productive despite critical labor shortages that could bring your entire business to a halt. We maintain fleets of support workers with skillsets suitable for the manufacturing industry, deployable across both the United States and Canada. Have plans for the event you simply don’t have the labor to support your business. Many employers pay very little just to have a relationship with AFIMAC, helping you have a back up plan for the occasion that labor shortages challenge productivity.

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Connect with us directly to learn more about the mobile temporary labor offerings that can help support your industry. AFIMAC can also partner alongside organizations to plan ahead for labor shortages and deploy human resources as needed. In these cases, clients often pay very little for labor shortage planning that ensures continuity no matter the labor forecast.

No business or employer is too big or too small, as we maintain partnerships with small businesses and large corporate entities across North America.

Contact us now and learn how mobile labor solutions can help you bridge the gap between your immediate labor shortages along your long-term recruitment goals.

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