Contingent Workforces for
Manufacturing: Supplying

Contingent Workforces for Manufacturing: Supplying Demand

November 16, 2023

Contingent Workforce Services Available Across North America

Contingent workforces are primed to address the volatile surges in supply and demand that have become commonplace in this industry. As worker strikes, labor shortages, and supply chain disruptions continue to complicate this sector, employers have been facing the reality that they must complete the same work with far fewer human resources.

When temporary agencies are unable to provide solutions to local labor shortages, the truth is that qualified laborers must be brought in from beyond the job site. The mobile contingent workforces of AFIMAC Global provide labor solutions when there are limited options available. Tap into a skilled database of manufacturing professionals from across Canada and the United States and lean on AFIMAC to facilitate transportation to the job site and accommodations.

Contingent Workforces: Labor Statistics in Manufacturing 

Employers have been dealing with skill gaps and labor shortages that have challenged production and caused a ripple effect throughout the industry. Staff that once supported production facilities well before the pandemic began are now more selective, opting for different career paths entirely or simply retiring. Now, aging and skilled laborers are leaving the workforce in droves rather than training the next generators of talent.

Today, entry-level jobs in manufacturing simply don’t entice young workers like they once did. Difficult working conditions, low starting wages, and understaffed job sites are working against an employer’s recruitment efforts, and everyday people just don’t see the benefit of working in these roles. It’s estimated that there are more than half a million unfilled manufacturing positions today, which could grow to 2.1 million in the next ten years.1 There are now limited options to fill in the critical labor gaps that can strain existing workforces and compound delays being faced by employers.

Contingent Workforces and Business Continuity Solutions

When labor shortages become so dire that productivity is threatened, sourcing and tapping into talent from beyond your immediate location can help maintain continuity on the job site. AFIMAC has specialized in contingent workforce solutions for the manufacturing industry for decades, retaining fleets of staff that come readily prepared with the skillsets employers need. Our incredibly diverse range of human resources can fill in gaps in the workforce or provide entire fleets of workers during a labor dispute.

Skip over the time-consuming hurdles of HR screening and onboarding of new staff, and allow AFIMAC’s workforce to step in when your business continuity is being threatened. AFIMAC brings workers to your job site while handling every detail of transportation and logistics. These laborers are ready to work extended overtime, opting for temporary work assignments that offer flexibility that traditional full-time roles simply can’t provide.

Contingent Workforce Solutions by AFIMAC Global

Train, recruit, and consider how to address the bigger picture of labor shortages while AFIMAC provides access to the skilled laborers that you need in the short term. Contingent workforces can buy employers precious time and help avoid disruptions to productivity. 

AFIMAC typically conducts business continuity planning for employers before a disruption but can dispatch laborers on short notice. Our database of skilled workers has steadily grown over the last 30 years, offering a wide range of human resources in auto manufacturing, electronics, construction, food, beverage, textiles, petrol, plastics, and more.

Whatever your need for skilled labor, AFIMAC can work in an employer’s best interest to bring workers to the job site, no matter the challenge. We proudly serve employers across Canada and the United States, even working with small and rural towns that are struggling to find local labor.  Fill out the form below today to speak with an AFIMAC representative to begin the process. 

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