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Temp Construction Services Labor For North America’s Construction Industry

Temp construction labor services remain ready and deployable on behalf of AFIMAC Global. Many contractors and employers in the construction industry remain hard-pressed to complete their work on time and on budget, with labor shortages capable of challenging overall productivity. The unpredictability of 2024, in relation to access to skilled labor, remains highly complex, even as wages and benefits increase. Employers will need to consider every option at their disposal, weighing the possibility that a simple lack of talent could bring productivity to a complete halt.

AFIMAC provides solutions to some of the uncertainty that has presented itself in 2024, with temporary labor that is sourced beyond your immediate community. Capable of assisting employers in construction with their human resource needs in the short term, while also helping employers plan for risks like work stoppages in the long term. Labor shortages are likely the most complex risk facing employers in this industry, offering the potential to disrupt production schedules and slow productivity with very little warning.

Temp construction labor services shown via construction workers on a high rise job site.

A Shift in Worker Sentiment For The Foreseeable Future

Post-pandemic worker sentiment has shifted in a direction that has many employers reconsidering how they can better recruit and retain talent for the long term. Many young people have seen firsthand the difficulty of working on a physical job site, especially in an industry that calls for so much manual labor. It’s no secret that the construction industry is short on talent, especially as the work becomes more demanding and extended overtime becomes the new norm for many working professionals.

The appeal of working in construction has faded, and employers are forced to head back to the drawing board to consider who they can rebrand and make this type of work both rewarding and compelling. A young and skilled workforce can help provide stability while supplying soaring demand, but it isn’t always improved wages and benefits that can attract the right talent. Poor working conditions or stressful working environments are likely to send the next generation of talent towards careers that are more comfortable, with less back-breaking work.  

Considering the outlook on your short staffing challenges in 2024.

Supplemental Labor Services Delivered Nationwide

Despite a lack of youth available to employers, the demands for everything from public transportation, housing, and roads haven’t subsided, but instead only increased. Even when employers turn to local temporary agencies, they too experience the same issues as employers, with a simple lack of people who are willing to follow this career path. With an existing and aging workforce, some local staffing agencies may simply be unable to fulfill an employer’s needs.

AFIMAC is unique in that it has developed a mobile workforce after decades of recruitment with a wide range of skill sets capable of servicing and supporting the construction industry. Such resources have historically been reserved for labor disputes, but can now be called upon to support an exhausted workforce, supply increased demands, and work alongside employers who simply need more human resources.

Call upon AFIMAC to deploy workforces with specific skill sets suitable for the construction industry and have them transported anywhere across North America. These staffing solutions come pre-screened, with transportation and accommodations taken care of completely by AFIMAC.

Temporary Staffing For North America’s Construction Industry

Employers can benefit greatly from simple business continuity planning made available from AFIMAC. Such services help employers plan for the risk of a labor shortage impacting their business, with plans in place that call for additional support at precisely the right time. The planning elements of our continuity services come at a remarkably low cost, with significant costs only being incurred if labor solutions are required. 

Having no plan in place to address these risks ultimately places profits and timelines in jeopardy. AFIMAC continues to expand its temporary labor offerings beyond work stoppages, but also to provide labor services intended to support existing workforces with talent available and deployable across the continent. Our mobile workforces are available now, even when local temp agencies have no other options.

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Temp Construction Labor Solutions From AFIMAC Global

Connect with us today and gain access to labor and support during these difficult times. AIMAC knows very few logistical boundaries and can provide labor regardless of where your job sites are located. Support your workforce, provide an exceptional duty of care, and gain access to human resources and mobile assets perfect for the construction industry.

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