How AFIMAC Provides Temporary Staff When Local Temp Agencies Can’t

March 14, 2024

Temporary Staff Immune to Local Labor Shortages

Temporary staff are in short supply as North America and the rest of the world grapple with persistent labor shortages. After a challenging pandemic and costs of living issues tied to inflation, many industries are simply unable to attract and retain talent locally. This has been especially prevalent for employers in rural areas where the work and job site are not as comfortable as retail work or traditional offices.

Temporary staff arrive to a job site in Illinois.

Despite a shift in sentiment among the everyday worker, these industries still need talent, both skilled and low-skilled, to support their businesses and serve their customers or clients. Despite these labor challenges, AFIMAC has staffing solutions ready and awaiting their call to support an incredible variety of industries. As the employment market continually shifts in favor of workers, AFIMAC can help your business make ends meet while your business explores solutions to persistent labor shortages.

How AFIMAC Provides Staffing Solutions

AFIMAC maintains its own mobile workforce with multiple skill sets capable of supporting organizations with their staffing needs. These laborers are accustomed to temporary job assignments, opting for flexibility rather than traditional full-time work. Our workforce regularly takes on short-term assignments with overtime opportunities deployed across both Canada and the United States. AFIMAC houses staff and transports them to where they are needed, offering transportation and accommodation as part of their work assignment. 

By offering flexibility with temporary work assignments, AFIMAC has been able to attract both low-skilled and skilled talent across North America. As our clients’ needs change, AFIMAC transports and accommodates our pre-screened workforce wherever the job site may be. As a company that is willing to recruit talent regardless of the logistical hurdles, AFIMAC continues to find solutions to labor shortages that have hit employers in this post-pandemic era.

Flexible Working Arrangements for Shifting Sentiments

Such work opportunities from AFIMAC Global offer flexibility and speak to the changing sentiment of many workforces in Canada and the United States. Having staff commit to full-time work that calls for physical exertion, outdoor work, or an uncomfortable job site may drive talent away from an employer. Even if an employer faces a critical labor shortage and is pushing recruitment, skilled talent may shy away from a work opportunity simply because they know the role will be either demanding or stressful.

Managing critical labor shortages and calling upon temporary labor workforces from AFIMAC ultimately works in the best interests of your business. Critical labor shortages are a risk that many employers can plan for in advance, calling upon AFIMAC to have provisions in place should you need them. Businesses can even engage with AFIMAC as a contingency plan if labor shortages pose continuity challenges, costing employers very little for just the planning element.

Connect with AFIMAC to Learn About Your Temporary Staff Options

AFIMAC’s staffing solutions can serve employers in the manufacturing, warehouse, and construction sectors, bringing a multitude of skill sets to employers who are facing critical labor shortages. Our temporary labor services are available anywhere in North America, even to remote job sites far from major cities or towns. 

Services can also address labor shortages in the public sector as well, capable of serving communities, big and small, with their labor needs. This could include everything from garbage collection, road maintenance, security, and support staff for any occasion. The same can be said in the healthcare sector, as temporary labor can be provided in a supportive capacity, capable of cooking, cleaning, and administrative duties.

Whatever your needs may be, AFIMAC can provide solutions even when local temp agencies have limited offerings. Connect with us directly by filling out the form below to learn more about our mobile and deployable temporary labor services. Contact us today.

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