A government employer calls upon contingent workforce services for maintenance needs.

How Municipal Governments
Can Use Contingent Workers
from Beyond ​​Their

How Municipal Governments Can Leverage Contingent Workforce Services

December 14, 2023

Contingent Workforce Services Tailored to the Needs of Municipal Government

Contingent workforce services address some of the uncertainty stemming from ongoing labor shortages being felt across North America. As many small-town municipal governments struggle to source staff from their own community, contingent workforces can make ends meet while employers continue to recruit. Leverage fleets of contingent laborers or utilize batches of contingent employees to supplement workforces that are either burnt out or need additional support.

Whatever the needs for labor may be, AFIMAC can work closely with government entities to provide workforce solutions that are transported directly to the job site. Leapfrog over the hurdles of rural labor shortages and take advantage of a traveling workforce prepared to embrace the task at hand.

Contingent Workforce Services illustrated by a electrical worker conducting business on a job site.

The Truth About Labor Shortages

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has forecasted that the labor situation in America is set to get worse before it gets better. The BLS has predicted that in ten years, labor participation will actually decline further. By 2032, labor participation is expected to fall to just above 60%, a decline from the 63% labor participation rate reported just before the beginning of the pandemic. 

The takeaway for many employers is that labor shortages, especially in small towns and rural North America, are not predicted to be resolved in the short term. Even with increased wages, improved benefits, and flexible work arrangements, workforces are set to simply retire or move on in the next ten years. Despite these figures, municipal governments still need a blend of low and medium-skilled talent to serve their communities. Everything from road maintenance workers, groundskeepers, and general maintenance staff can be sourced from beyond the immediate area on behalf of AFIMAC.

Contingent Workers and Deployable Staffing Solutions

Over the last 30 years, AFIMAC has built a database of workers who are called upon for assignments that require travel to different locations across North America. These workers report directly to AFIMAC and come with an incredibly wide range of skill sets, having historically worked with AFIMAC clients facing labor shortages, backlogs in productivity, or experiencing labor strikes. AFIMAC staff come with skill sets in maintenance, logistics, general labor, and manufacturing, capable of taking on a wide variety of tasks suitable for municipal governments. 

These contingent workers are accustomed to flexible working arrangements and are prepared to take on assignments that have uncertain end dates or require extensive overtime. When labor shortages reach a critical point, AFIMAC provides staff that have already been interviewed, screened, and drug-tested, ready for work regardless of the challenges ahead. Every HR-related detail has been taken care of prior to deployment to the job site, including travel and accommodations.

Contingent Workforce Services from AFIMAC Global

Government entities in rural North America are facing the fact that there are simply not enough human resources available to address the community’s needs. Between early retirement, burnout, and a selective working class, the perpetual state of “hiring now” means that many employers will need to explore creative solutions in the short term.

AFIMAC continues to serve both corporate clients and public entities across North America with any of their labor needs, bringing talent from beyond the immediate location. Lean on contingent workforces from AFIMAC to provide solutions for expected labor crises.

All of AFIMAC’s offerings are tailored to the needs of clients, with flexible arrangements that can help maintain continuity regardless of the challenges ahead. Even if employers are hesitant to use the services of AFIMAC, companies often only pay when contingent workers are deployed to their job site; there is very little cost to plan.

AFIMAC can serve any government entity across North America, from large cities to small rural towns in Canada and the United States with endless temporary labor services. Begin the process of planning for labor shortages by contacting us today; fill out the form below to speak with an AFIMAC representative.

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