Why is Recruiting Production
Workers So Difficult for

Why is Recruiting Production Workers So Difficult for Employers?

October 4, 2023

Recruiting Production Workers in North America

Recruiting production workers remains a difficult task for employers across North America. These workforces remain the backbone of many industries and are integral to the American economy. Without them, many employers could not offer their products to the general public. But many employers are finding out the hard way that recruiting assembly line workers is no simple task, as the roles that were once easy to fill are no longer drawing the same attention. 

Truthfully, some of the best ways to hire employees for your business is to continue to recruit both in your immediate area and beyond. Hire temporary workers to manage your labor shortages, but also look to build a strong workforce with the intent of developing skills and retaining workers for the long term.

Recruiting Production Workers illustrated by a manufacturing plant in Iowa.

Recruiting Production Workers: Statistics Behind Labor Shortages in Manufacturing

According to the think tank Deloitte Insights, the United States is on the cusp of a historical gap in skills that is expected to result in more than two million unfilled jobs by the year 2030. It is estimated that in the United States, at any given time, there are more than half a million jobs remaining open and unfilled. Compounded with a sudden lack of talent that is especially prevalent outside major cities in North America, the truth is that the skilled workers that once filled these roles have moved on and are likely not to return.

The sentiment has changed for the everyday worker, and with general labor shortages seeming to persist throughout North America, drawing the attention of workers has remained incredibly difficult. It’s truly a buyer’s market for anyone looking for work, with endless options that are in favor of traditional employees. Employers in the manufacturing space are competing with other sectors that offer everything from increased compensation to improved benefits and skills development.

Why is it Hard to Retain Talent in Manufacturing?

Employers need to explore creative ways to recruit talent that stays for years to come. As the manufacturing sector continues to advance, workers need more skills that help them develop their careers and allow them to build a life that speaks to their needs. If your employees hear of opportunities that offer more than just a simple job, or competitive wages, they are likely to jump ship, whether it is six months or five years into their employment.

Retainment and recruitment work hand-in-hand, and employers must take a critical look at their offerings and ask themselves whether they would pursue the opportunities available. Many employers that are not located in large cities will have to consider whether their offerings are attractive enough that workers would be willing to move their entire lives for employment with your business. These offerings could include on-the-job skills training, career development paths, and educational incentives that allow you to build a productive workforce full of young talent who will grow alongside your business.

Temporary Workforce Solutions For Production and Manufacturing

Employers seeking immediate relief from labor shortages or a lack of skilled workers are likely to have no option but to explore beyond their location. Even temp agencies that recruit on your behalf are sourcing work locally and are likely incapable of addressing labor shortages.

Instead, consider enlisting temporary workforces that are ready to be brought directly to your job site to mitigate labor concerns and promote ongoing business continuity.

Find Staffing Solutions Alongside AFIMAC Global

AFIMAC Global is well aware of the complications facing employers in the production and manufacturing space. Our global database of skilled production workers can be leaned upon when labor shortages become problematic, helping you maintain productivity while assisting with your recruitment efforts.

Our workforces offer incredible flexibility for your business, helping you manage surges in demand, and stepping in during labor shortages, all while supporting your business as you recruit additional talent. Whatever your labor challenge may be, AFIMAC handles every detail of travel and accommodations with skilled temporary workforces that are sourced beyond your immediate neighborhood.

Fill out the form below to learn more about our database of skilled production workers that can be dispatched to your job site, even on short notice. 

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