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Staffing Solutions Available in Canada And The United States

July 20, 2023

Staffing Shortage Solutions On-Demand, In Canada And The United States

Staffing shortage solutions for employers can work to make ends meet in a complex year for many industries. Labor shortages, union strikes, and a workforce that has grown more selective regarding the nature of their employment have resulted in many employers failing to fill jobs that were once in high demand. Traditional recruiting solutions simply don’t work as they once did, as each industry is competing to hire talent to fill both entry-level and low-skilled positions. Some of the best employee solutions available to employers source talent from beyond the job site and transport them directly to your location. Contingent workforces from AFIMAC are one of the proven tools that can help businesses maintain productivity and continuity regardless of the challenges they face. Explore options beyond your immediate neighborhood and tap into skilled and low-skilled workforces that can address your human resource needs.

Staffing Shortage Solutions for Labor Shortages Being Felt in North America

Labor shortages remain persistent, especially in rural neighborhoods across North America. Even utilizing the services of a local temp agency might be ineffective, as many employers are recruiting in the same talent pool as temporary agencies. AFIMAC staffing solutions take away the complications of rural staffing shortages by bringing workers directly to the job site while taking care of all transportation and accommodation needs.

Staffing shortage solutions from AFIMAC arrive at a construction site in New Jersey.

AFIMAC staffing solutions for manufacturing, industrial, and construction sectors can benefit employers, allowing you to tap into our skilled worker database, helping to ease labor shortages and maintain productivity. Calling on contingent workforces when demand soars or when there simply aren’t enough human resources can provide temporary relief to labor shortages.

Plan For Short Staffing Concerns

AFIMAC continues to work closely with industries in need of temporary labor services including manufacturing, automotive, hospitality, healthcare, and much more. We can work alongside your business as you continue to recruit, offering the skillsets you need to address critical labor shortages and prevent a sudden drop in productivity. Actively recruit, train, and tap into labor despite no other options available to you locally.

Considering The Risk of Labor Strikes

A difficult labor or union strike can bring your business to a halt, creating issues with not just productivity but also picket lines. When workforces strike, it can challenge the viability of your business and become costly should it drag on for extended periods of time.

AFIMAC specializes in labor strike services for employers, offering a multitude of workers that are readily available to enter the job site. When picket lines become complex security risks, AFIMAC can also facilitate safe travel arrangements for contingent workers and executives alike. More importantly, AFIMAC’s contingent workforces are incredibly flexible, providing their services for an undetermined amount of time, which can be extended should the situation call for it.

When strikes offer unpredictability and uncertainty, AFIMAC can help employers connect the dots and ensure that their business can navigate every element of a labor strike.

Support Burnt Out Workforces in Healthcare

Contingent workforces and temporary workers from AFIMAC can also work in support roles. Staffing solutions for hospitals can work in low-skilled areas, including cooking, cleaning, maintenance, and security, helping to take some of the burdens off skilled nurses and doctors.

The same applies to the manufacturing, factory, and logistics sector, that has remained vulnerable to burnout and exhaustion. Many contingent workers from AFIMAC can work alongside staff and ensure extended overtime does not lead to time away from the job site.

Solutions For Walk-offs and General Absenteeism

Many businesses are facing remarkable amounts of turnover, including complete walk-offs. Should employers fail to provide their staff with fair compensation for their work, it is only a matter of time before they look elsewhere for better opportunities.

Temporary workforces from AFIMAC can bridge the gap for businesses, allowing them to revise their offerings while supplying demand during difficult times. When skilled workers are unavailable in your location, our workforce can be transported to remote destinations throughout North America.

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Labor Delivered To You, Anywhere in North America

Ensure your business can address the issues that arise from labor shortages and union strikes while protecting your bottom line. Lean on full-service labor and contingent workforce solutions that allow any employer to tap into skilled and low-skilled workers regardless of physical boundaries. AFIMAC can address every detail of your labor concerns with a number of solutions that speak to the nature of labor strikes, lack of skilled talent, and even full worker walk-outs.

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Updated January 31st, 2024: While AFIMAC maintains fleets of workers that are ready and available to be deployed to you, the best way to avoid disruptions to your productivity is to plan in advance for them. Connect with AFIMAC to plan for such issues and call upon them when they are needed. Planning services come at a remarkably low cost, giving employers the option to utilize such services in the event of a critical labor shortage.

As an employer or senior leader, plan for these issues weeks, if not months in advance to ensure exceptional continuity. Begin the process today, fill out the form below, and contact us now.

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