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Social Listening Tools For Predicting Risk

February 8, 2023

Social Listening Tools and Private Investigation

Social listening tools are one of the latest available offerings to employers who are suspicious of an upcoming worker strike. Social listening tools offered on behalf of AFIMAC can provide important insight into the intentions of your workforce, predicting strikes and unionization efforts, all while helping senior leadership plan appropriately. North American employers can embrace social media monitoring and remain one step ahead of union strikes that can compromise the productivity of your business and leave you scrambling to address resulting worker shortages.

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Heading into 2024, employers need every tool available to manage labor turmoil and navigate upcoming uncertainty. Waves of worker strikes across the globe have seen private and public sector employees demand more from their employers, which is likely to inspire fellow workforces to do the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions regarding social listening tools for employers in North America.

What is Social Listening?

Social listening is the process of gathering intelligence from a specific group or community. It is especially relevant for employers who maintain large workforces and discuss their work and labor concerns communally across social media platforms. 

AFIMAC can tap into these public forums, gather intelligence, and provide reports to employers. 

What Can Social Listening Reveal?

Social listening can reveal endless information about the perception of your company, from both the public and your workforce. More importantly, social listening identifies risk in all its forms.

In 2023 the risks facing corporations are endless, and the listening tools available from AFIMAC can help as part of your risk mitigation strategy. Planned protests, unionization, and full work stoppages put the productivity of your business at risk. Further, during difficult strikes monitoring the sentiment of your workforce and identifying security risks to executives are critical. 

Striking workforces often use social media to organize and vent their frustrations. When workers lose their cool, their social posts can predict violent outbursts and attacks against management or executives. These warning signs are important for managing the many security risks that come from a labor stoppage, helping to protect people and property until the labor matters are resolved.

What are the Benefits for Employers?

Employers can gain critical insight into the opinions of their workforce, gathering honest views of how their staff perceives the nature of their work. Gauge whether staff are content with their working conditions, challenges with management, and planned protests. When employers are concerned about possible worker strikes or unionization efforts, AFIMAC social listening tools can identify such risks and offer guidance for the next steps.

Worker strikes and protests can be planned incredibly quickly, especially when your workforce can collaborate on online forums that are not regulated by the employer. Being informed of an upcoming strike can help employers mitigate the risks of a heated protest, arrange for executive protection, and enlist contingent workforces that can maintain your business operations.

Is Social Listening Legal?

Yes. AFIMAC’s social listening tools comply with all North American privacy laws. AFIMAC gathers online and offline intelligence, providing threat risk assessments that cover every element of a worker strike. With AFIMAC, companies can stay one step ahead of workforces who are planning on striking, buying valuable time that can help executives arrange for both picket line security and contingent labor.

Social Listening Tools and Private Investigation By AFIMAC Global

AFIMAC is the global leader in full-service labor strike solutions, offering employers a suite of products that address every element of a work stoppage. Social media monitoring and listening are just one element of a proper strategy for managing the complexities of a strike. AFIMAC has worked closely alongside a number of Fortune 500 companies across multiple sectors, addressing every part of a worker strike, including union negotiations, picket line security, threat assessments, and executive protection.

Protect your corporation’s assets and ensure ongoing productivity by leaning on AFIMAC to help your company resolve labor turmoil as quickly as possible. Fill out the form below to learn more about your options, along with a long list of private investigation and business continuity offerings. Contact us now to learn more.

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