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Prnuv Sharma of AFIMAC Global.

Opening A New Chapter With Prnuv Sharma – Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

The Next Chapter of AFIMAC Global

Collectively, we are in a phase where our business is evolving.

Historically, the business has been a leading player in strike security and strike labor spaces. This portion of our business continues to be well-defined as we have a clear sense of the market and 40-plus years of experience. 

However, our business is growing and shifting towards building our contingent security and labor vertical. This industry is very competitive and has been for years, and while we are cognizant of this, we believe there is an opportunity for us to win in this market and carve out a space of our own.

Prnuv Sharma of AFIMAC Global.

Developing a Closer Understanding of the Needs of Our Clients

I see this chapter of the business as a reframing of where we are today, reorganizing and broadening our offerings to better serve new and existing clients in North America. We will continue to stay in the lane of strike security and labor but reframe new opportunities into exceptional talent management services.

Whatever the ups or downs may be in the economy, bear, or bull markets, we are pushing to develop a greater understanding of the needs of leading manufacturers, logistics providers, and distributors across North America. 

As we understand their needs from a labor and security perspective, we can deploy talent accordingly and continue delivering reliability and dependability while growing our business.

Carving Out Success in a New Market

The contingent labor market is in a constant state of evolution.

During COVID, the market got much bigger, but as we come out of the pandemic, day-to-day, that market is starting to compress, with a higher level of competitiveness as we push for our share. Our talent offerings, deployed for strike or contingent purposes, are unique compared to brick-and-mortar temporary agencies. Fortunately, we have access to premium talent because of the work we have completed in the past.

The company has a very loyal workforce that has been with the company for a long time and understands how to be successful in these spaces. However, there are some things we must change, such as talent efficiency. Different ways of thinking can sometimes be uncomfortable, but by changing our perspective, we can discover unique offerings for our current and future clients.

Picking a Lane for Success

Moving forward, we will need a north star, a guiding principle for entering this new market, defining what we want it to look like, and what part of that market we will service.

Answering the question, “Why work with us?”

That’s where our secret sauce is, and answering that will give us the most value, allows us to build a brand, execute a vision, and help us pick a lane to win over time.

Prnuv Sharma, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing at AFIMAC Global

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