Emergency Preparedness Training

Emergency preparedness training services illustrated by an office meeting with AFIMAC specialists.

Emergency Preparedness Training: Manage Workplace Risks

Emergency preparedness training of your workforce ensures that when a crisis emerges, your staff is prepared for what comes next. When an organization has carefully considered all the possible risks against their business, the job site can remain resilient to disruption and prevent injuries through extensive planning and training. Leaving the risk of an unexpected hurricane or landslide impacting your business exposes your entire workforce to incredible danger, something an employer is responsible for addressing. 

Develop contingency plans and safety protocols today that speak directly to the risk of natural disasters and emergencies of all kinds. When employers partner with third-party duty of care companies, it showcases their commitment to providing a safe workplace no matter what catastrophe presents itself. Being well prepared for emergencies is an ongoing conversation, but begins with a full risk assessment and continuous training of your workforce conducted by the specialists at AFIMAC Global.

emergency preparedness training shown via a group of office workers working hard at a desk.

Emergency Preparedness Training: Examining Your Job Site

Begin with considering your organization’s own internal planning for emergencies along with what procedures are in place to keep the workforce safe. Simple meeting spots is often not enough to manage the risk of a flood or fire, and employers will need to go above and beyond to ensure their job site is as safe as reasonably possible. Effective risk mitigation calls for employers to weigh the potential that truly anything can happen to the job site and their workforce. Failure to consider these risks exposes the workforce to harm, with the organization bearing the full responsibility for what could happen on the job site.

Employers routinely overlook security flaws on the job site that the experienced professionals at AFIMAC can easily identify. With the incredible wealth of knowledge that our staff brings, rooted in years of law enforcement and military training, AFIMAC can easily identify glaring security risks on the job site that would otherwise never be noticed. Secure your job site and create incredibly detailed disaster response planning that can help your staff avoid injury entirely. With such planning, your workforce will know exactly what to do regardless of the emergency that presents itself.

Workforce Training Services From AFIMAC

Evacuation plans can work to direct traffic during a natural disaster, but employers must consider the greater picture of safety on the job site. Effective risk mitigation requires employers to implement ongoing emergency preparedness training for their workforce, equipping staff with the skills and knowledge to act quickly and protect one another during a disaster. Even if a small percentage of your workforce is trained in first-aid, it can pay dividends in the long run and protect staff from harm.

AFIMAC is capable of facilitating the training of large workforces and preparing them for natural disasters and catastrophes, even if they are unlikely. When your workforce knows exactly what to do in the midst of a crisis, they can act quickly, avoid confusion, and protect themselves and others. When the unexpected presents itself, a workforce that is unsure of how to respond can result in more complex injuries and liability issues for the employer. Regularly train and prepare your workforce for the unpredictable risks that face businesses in 2023.

Training For Active Shooter Situations

One of the most unlikely yet overlooked emergencies facing employers is workplace violence and active shooter scenarios. While it is never a pleasant idea to consider, employers must embrace the possibility that someone could enter their workforce with the intent to harm others. Should your workforce be completely unprepared for this risk, many injured parties will turn to the employer and question what could have been done to prevent this from happening.

Lean on AFIMAC to facilitate the training of your workforce and provide them with the tools that will detail exactly what to do in the midst of an active shooter. AFIMAC can work alongside employers to prepare for this risk, and ensure that as an employer, you have made extensive efforts to prepare for the possibility of an active shooter.

Workforce Training Services From AFIMAC Global

Plan for the unpredictable including hurricanes, floods, extreme heat, snow, and catastrophes of all kinds alongside the duty of care specialists at AFIMAC Global. Your ability to provide a safe job site often leans on not just preparedness, but also how well your staff are trained to respond to such issues. Conduct risk assessments, train your workforce, and even monitor those who might pose a risk of workplace violence.

Solutions and services are tailored to your organization’s needs and are available to employers across North America. We are proud to serve many different industries including retail, manufacturing, and the agriculture sector, working to protect the people and property that make up your business. Our workforce training options remain extensive and suitable for workers of any kind.

Never leave risk to chance and lean on an independent third party that can take workplace safety and emergency preparedness to the next level. Fill out the form below to learn more and contact us today.

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