Disaster Response for floods, snowfall, extreme weather.

Disaster Response:
AFIMAC Comfort Operations
Aiding in Recovery Efforts

Disaster Response : AFIMAC Comfort Operations Aiding in Recovery Efforts

November 27, 2023

Disaster Response Organizations: AFIMAC Global by Your Side

Disaster response services from AFIMAC Global are here by your side when the unthinkable happens. Floods, hurricanes, landslides, and extreme winter weather pose unique risks to government entities and private organizations of all sizes. Even with effective disaster response planning, some natural disasters simply can’t be prevented. There are, however, several resources available to leadership that can be part of your response to a natural disaster. Called upon in times of need, AFIMAC can facilitate and bring comfort operations directly to you, which can include so much more than temporary base camp services, such as access to skilled laborers who can support your recovery efforts.

Partner with AFIMAC as your dedicated disaster response organization that can assist in these times of need. When your community or workforce requires additional support beyond what is immediately available, AFIMAC brings resources to you that can help to keep the lights on, maintain operations, and protect the many assets that make up your organization.   

Planning Begins Now with AFIMAC

Effective disaster response begins with a plan, and governmental organizations and private businesses will need to properly plan for natural disaster-related risks before they happen. AFIMAC continues to work side-by-side with employers and governments to manage risk and plan for every possible disaster risk effectively. Knowing exactly what the next steps are during a natural disaster helps organizations protect their place of business, along with the human resources that make up their workforce.

Disaster response services illustrated by an aerial view of a flood in Maryland.

Without proper planning, a natural disaster can result in serious harm to your staff, impacting the bottom line and putting others in danger. Claims of negligence can be avoided, and tapping into the disaster response services of AFIMAC begins with risk assessments, planning, and addressing the risks of natural disasters head-on. 

Disaster Response for America’s Southern States

Governmental organizations across the southern states of the United States can tap into incredible resources available from AFIMAC Global. Employers and municipal governments across the southern states of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, and Louisiana are especially vulnerable to weather-related risks, where floods and high winds could bring operations to a standstill. During an especially difficult hurricane or flood, support may be limited or unable to reach your job site.

Comfort operations from AFIMAC are the perfect solution for organizations that simply can’t wait for disaster response services. For the industries that can’t afford to pause operations, comfort operations work in your best interest, providing temporary accommodations, generators, mobile showers, handwashing stations, and access to skilled labor. These mobile assets can be dispatched directly to your location, supporting entire communities in need or private businesses.

Contingent Workforce Solutions

Contingent workforces and temporary laborers tend to be in limited supply during a serious natural disaster. Entire workforces can be displaced by extensive flooding, while access to the job site itself is likely to be limited. Whatever the needs of the employer or community, AFIMAC’s database of skilled laborers can be called on to assist with the most complex recovery efforts.

AFIMAC removes many of the barriers to accessing the human resources required to properly respond to a natural disaster. The human resources needed to support your community during these difficult times are often not readily available, calling for staffing solutions that source workers beyond the immediate area.

When contingent workforces from AFIMAC are utilized during a disaster,  we handle every detail of logistics, offering access to human resources that can supplement a strained workforce or step in and replace them entirely.

Disaster Response Services Offered by AFIMAC Global

Contact us now and begin the process of tapping into the mobile resources offered by AFIMAC. When disaster strikes, making ends meet can be incredibly difficult, and governmental agencies and employers will need to act quickly during these challenging times. Preemptively address natural disaster risks before they happen, and gain access to resources for business continuity and recovery along AFIMAC Global. AFIMAC can still assist with your needs for labor during labor shortages.

The disaster response offerings of AFIMAC are part of the greater picture of our business continuity services, click now.

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