Storm Recovery Services For Tornados & Extreme Weather Events

Storm Recovery Services

Disaster Recovery Services For Tornados & Extreme Weather Events shown via a huge thunderstorm in Nasvhille.

Storm Recovery Services For Tornados & Extreme Weather Events

Storm recovery services provided by AFIMAC Global can be deployed to support private businesses and communities impacted by tornados or any other kind of extreme weather event. The wreckage left behind by a tornado can devastate communities and impact businesses that simply don’t have the option to shutter operations.

Storm recovery services for tornado illustrated by a lightning strike stemming from dark storm clouds. 

Healthcare, law enforcement, and hydroelectricity entities can call upon AFIMAC for additional support, while communities can have entire base camps deployed to a disaster site to assist with recovery. Partner with AFIMAC Global to support you during a disaster with several service offerings that can work in the best interest of your business or community. 

Storm Recovery Services & AFIMAC Response

AFIMAC encourages governments and private businesses in both Canada and the United States to have plans in place for the risk of a tornado. Partnerships with AFIMAC can include natural disaster response planning services that include resources for community support, or offerings for business continuity.

Just having plans in place for the unlikely risk of a tornado is a responsible venture for leaders of major businesses or communities. Remain resilient to disaster and have AFIMAC Response services just a phone call away for times when they are needed. 

Emergency Staffing Solutions For Disasters

The need for additional human resources amidst a weather-related disaster can be complicated by obvious logistical challenges, leaving business owners or municipal governments scrambling for solutions. AFIMAC can facilitate the transportation of support workers who can assist with recovery, provide general aid, and document every detail of damages. Staffing can include private investigators, security personnel, and general laborers who can provide assistance during times of need.

Have emergency staffing services deployed to the site of a disaster and leave the complex logistical challenges to AFIMAC. Our mobile workforce has experience in these matters, while AFIMAC specialists can facilitate the delivery of endless human resources to help you pick up the piece while expediting recovery.

Mobile Assets, Equipment, and Power Generations

Compliment emergency staffing services with fleets of assets designed to support any business or community. Our equipment and mobile assets continue to grow and can include mobile showers, restrooms, handwashing stations, trailers, and mobile kitchens for food support. Bring comfort in the form of an entire mobile base camp intended to provide aid that would otherwise not able available. Feed your community, tap into power, and ensure you have resources in place for support during the recovery process.

Further, bring power and electricity to support a business or community, and lean on AFIMAC to facilitate the delivery of such equipment. Capable of assisting existing workforces, powering hospitals or healthcare facilities, or keeping the lights on for businesses for exceptional continuity.

Contact AFIMAC To Learn More

Begin the process of developing plans for tornados, natural disasters, or any kind of risk against a business or community. While planning for risk is at the core of our business, AFIMAC can be called upon on short notice to help support anyone during a disaster. We remain readily available to deploy the resources needed to help you manage and navigate the complexities of a serious natural disaster. Much of our planning services go into great detail, developing unique plans for each of our clients.

Proud to serve organizations of all kinds across America’s midwest and southern states, we are your partner during these difficult times. We can handle every detail of a natural disaster and provide you with the guidance and assistance needed, rooted in decades of experience in such matters. We continue to serve an incredible variety of clients including private corporations, governments, religious entities, institutions, and much more.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to AFIMAC directly with questions; contact us today to learn more about your options and what is available to your organization.  

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