A vehicle is stranded while a community calls upon AFIMAC flood response services.

Flood Response Services for
Both Private and Public

Flood Response Services for Both Private and Public Organizations

December 7, 2023

Flood Response Services Provided by AFIMAC Global

Flood response can be leveraged by several entities, both public and private, experiencing challenges related to natural disasters, including floods. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and coastal surges are unpredictable events that require disaster response services that can keep the lights on and protect people and property. Effective coastal flood response and disaster recovery is a collaborative effort amongst municipalities, private businesses, and entire communities, often requiring natural disaster response services and comfort operations.

Flood Response Services illustrated by the aftermath of hurricane ian.

When disaster strikes, bring comfort resources to where they are needed most, directly to your town or business. AFIMAC continues to serve both private and public entities, including governmental organizations and Fortune 500 companies, with all their disaster recovery needs. Maintaining your operations during a difficult flood calls for extensive planning and response that works to ensure your workforce can come to the job site safely without concerns of injury. Learn more about the nature of flood and disaster response available across Canada and the United States. 

Disaster Relief Offerings

Lean on comfort operations that serve multiple purposes to your community or business. AFIMAC maintains extensive mobile resources that can be stationed anywhere, including temporary accommodations, generators, mobile kitchens, handwash stations, and showers. These resources can be offered to the general public or be utilized to support an employer who has no other option but to maintain operations during a flood. Comfort stations and mobile resources can be deployed directly to the job site in an effort to support workforces. 

Industries that are considered key to a community’s infrastructure will need to respond quickly despite ongoing issues of flooding. Sectors including law enforcement, healthcare, hydroelectricity, and gasoline are often called upon during these difficult times to maintain operations regardless of what has occurred. AFIMAC can work in a supporting role to assist with any disaster response efforts helping to make ends meet, and provide mobile assets that support the workers who complete much of the complex work required during a flood.

Flood Response Services, Recovery, and Support Staff

In the aftermath of a flood, many businesses and communities will need to assess the damage and begin recovery efforts. When a flood complicates access to skilled workforces, AFIMAC can bring entire fleets of workers to you in order to assist with recovery. Our skilled directory of contingent workers can be called upon in the wake of a flood, helping your community or business tap into laborers even if they are not available. AFIMAC handles every detail of transporting staff to the job site, offering relief to labor shortages that are exclusive to the area. 

Documentation and Information Gathering

Lean on AFIMAC to document damages for insurance purposes. Our investigations can carefully document damage to property, public buildings, homes, commercial real estate, roads, bridges, and much more.

Flood Response and Duty of Care Planning

Corporations that provide key infrastructure to communities in North America often have no option but to call their staff to work during a natural disaster. This can often complicate an employer’s moral and legal obligations to provide a safe working space for their employees. One of the most effective ways of addressing these complex issues is to actively prepare for natural disasters that can impact your business.

Employers will need to plan in great detail their next steps in the event of a serious flood. By leaning on a third-party, business leaders can outline exactly how they will maintain operations during a flood, preemptively planning for disruptions with access to generators, base camp services, and temporary workforces. Disaster and flood planning takes much of the uncertainty out of the risks associated with weather-related events, helping you protect your workforce and the business you worked so hard to create.  

Disaster Relief Services from AFIMAC Global

Flood response services and comfort operations are available on behalf of AFIMAC across the eastern coast of North America. Capable of servicing areas such as Washington, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, Philadelphia, New York City, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. Whatever your needs may be, connect with us directly to learn more about what role AFIMAC can play during a flood or natural disaster of any kind. 

Many basecamp and comfort offerings from AFIMAC can be deployed on short notice, but don’t delay. When an emergency such as a flood hits, contact AFIMAC as soon as possible. Fill out the form below to speak directly with a representative from AFIMAC and explore ways of preparing for and responding to flood risks.

AFIMAC remains ready and capable of servicing the New England area including the ongoing Hampton Beach floods in Massachusetts.

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