What Hurricane Season in Florida
Means for Employers

What Hurricane Season in Florida Means for Employers

August 16, 2023

Hurricane Season in Florida: Duty of Care Solutions from AFIMAC Global

Hurricane season in Florida has arrived, and many employers should be weighing the risks facing their workforce. Duty of care can be an especially difficult hurdle for large companies that have a legal obligation to provide a safe workplace for their staff, particularly when the workplace itself is threatened by heavy winds and flooding from a hurricane. Duty of care in Florida often calls for extensive emergency planning, risk mitigation strategies, and business contingency planning to ensure your staff is protected and your business can manage the risk of interruption. 

Hurricane season must be planned for, show via dark clouds.

Lean on a qualified, third-party duty of care company to address the risks of hurricanes in Florida, and as an employer, provide a safe space for your staff to come to work. Risk mitigation for hurricanes starts with the duty of care specialists at AFIMAC Global.

Hurricane Season in Florida

Duty of care in Florida remains a complex endeavor during hurricane season. Should an employer have failed to provide a safe workplace for their staff during a hurricane, the liability could ultimately fall on them. The consequences of not addressing duty of care obligations far outweigh the costs of properly planning for hurricane season.

Duty of Care in Miami, Florida

Miami-Dade County is home to many large employers across the university, healthcare, cruise line, and aviation sectors, employing tens of thousands of locals to serve their customers. Each of these employers is required by law to provide a safe workplace for their staff, calling for extensive emergency planning that can dictate what happens when a hurricane strikes. Without such planning, employees can be placed in harm’s way, and your business’s productivity can be brought to a halt.

Duty of Care in Tampa, Florida

Tampa is home to an extensive food and dining industry along with a thriving software, semiconductor, and mining sector that is continuously growing. Manufacturing and mining workforces are especially vulnerable to hurricane season, as employers must balance the risks of calling their staff to the job site while maintaining their safety. One poor decision can create an unsafe space for your staff resulting in serious personal injury or a complete halt in production. 

Developing duty-of-care strategies for your workforce in Tampa means carefully considering every possible outcome from poor weather impacting your business, along with a number of business continuity strategies that can ensure productivity, even in difficult circumstances. Your duty of care efforts should always be evolving, dictating what should happen in the event a hurricane strikes the city of Tampa or surrounding areas. 

Duty of Care in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville is home to one of the largest online retailers in the world, along with an extensive healthcare and financial network employing thousands of local Floridians. As customer demands seem to have no limits, calling on a workforce to deliver parcels in dangerous weather conditions is a recipe for disaster that can harm an employer’s brand and reputation. Addressing the risks of flooding and hurricanes while maintaining your business’s continuity in Jacksonville stands as a delicate balancing act, where emergency planning can help protect your workforce, and third-party resources can support your business.

Duty of Care in Orlando, Florida

Orlando and the rest of central Florida are home to a remarkable number of employers within the financial services, banking, food, and amusement sectors. Just like many businesses in Florida, the risk of being impacted by a hurricane is very real and calls for ongoing emergency planning. With the right duty of care efforts, employers can take the appropriate precautions, plan for extensive flooding, and protect their large workforces.

Hurricane Season in Florida: Emergency Planning Alongside AFIMAC

The steps employers take now to manage the risk of a hurricane impacting their business, workforce, or job site can save lines and protect your bottom line.

Emergency planning and duty of care solutions from AFIMAC include extensive risk assessments that go over every detail of risk facing your business. Leaning on a third-party duty of care company such as AFIMAC also demonstrates an employer’s commitment to providing a safe workplace and managing some of the liability and negligence concerns facing employers in Florida.

Contact us today to explore our emergency planning and risk assessments, along with several business continuity offerings including mobile accommodations, base camp services, mobile dining services, comfort operations, and equipment rentals of an incredible variety. Actively work to fulfill your duty of care obligations alongside the specialists at AFIMAC Global.

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