Disaster Response Services: Base Camps, Support Staff, and Trailer Rental Programs

February 21, 2024

Disaster Response Services For Extreme Weather Events

Disaster response services are a saving grace when extreme weather events impact both public and private property. AFIMAC specializes in emergency preparedness and response for clients across North America, offering trailer rental programs and full-service base camp operations that can support a community or business during unexpected extreme weather events.

Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, and floods can devastate your business or community, calling for support services including temporary workers and mobile assets to respond and assist. AFIMAC maintains a fleet of disaster assistance assets that can be called upon during emergencies, acting as a temporary home base in any situation. 

Partner with AFIMAC Global and not only keep the lights on during these difficult times but also maintain continuity and expedite the recovery process. Our base camp and trailer rental programs bring resources directly to you, navigating complex logistical challenges that often come with natural disasters. No matter the challenge, AFIMAC can assist and provide a response to any crisis facing governments or private entities. 

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Disaster Response Services For Municipal Governments in Canada & The United States

Extreme and unexpected weather events call for aid in many different forms, with government entities often leaning on third-party disaster response companies to assist with the process. The support that AFIMAC is capable of providing includes not just access to one of the nation’s most robust temporary laborer databases, but a number of mobile assets that can brought directly to the community. Whatever the crisis may be, AFIMAC steps in when municipal governments and communities across North America need it most.

Take advantage of short or long-term rental options of executive-style accommodations, temporary showers, bathrooms, handwashing stations, and even kitchens to provide support to your community. When those who have been displaced from their homes have nowhere else to go, the offerings of AFIMAC can assist, providing accommodations for community members who need it most. AFIMAC brings resources directly to the site of a disaster, navigating any and all logistical challenges to ensure that your community receives the support it needs. 

Disaster response services illustrated by a flood in Maryland.

Disaster Response For Private Businesses

Some businesses simply don’t have the option to halt operations during extreme weather, even if their workforce can’t make it to the job site. Many entities in the natural gas, petroleum, and electricity sectors are relied upon by the greater community, and a full shutdown of operations can result in harm to other aspects of the community. These times call for not just mobile assets to be deployed to the job site, but access to skilled laborers that can maintain continuity despite weather-related factors.

Keep the lights on and support your business by setting up an entire base camp at your job site when natural disasters strike. AFIMAC basecamp service offerings include everything from large lighting rigs to power generators, accommodations, and laundry facilities to help you maintain continuity during the most challenging environments. Even when your workforce is displaced, AFIMAC has readily available human resources with wide skill sets that are waiting to assist. We bring staff from well beyond your immediate location, house them on your behalf, and handle all HR-related duties so that your business bounces back from extreme weather-related events.

Aid and Continuity Services by AFIMAC Global

AFIMAC continues to expand its rental programs and community aid offerings for clients across North America. Capable of sourcing anything a municipal government or private business might need, AFIMAC is highly confident in its ability to provide shelter, water, and food to those in need. Our base camp services can also be tailored to client needs and include entire fleets of temporary support workers to assist with recovery. Short and long-term rental options for our mobile assets provide the flexibility needed 

While communities face critical labor shortages across North America, AFIMAC provides solutions with our own traveling workforces that continue to grow day by day. Traditional temporary agencies simply aren’t capable of sourcing workers beyond the immediate community, while staff provided by AFIMAC are familiar with the challenges faced by governments and businesses impacted by extreme weather.

Connect with us directly to learn more about the role AFIMAC can play for your community or private business. We continue to partner with multiple industries and communities across North America to examine the risk of natural disasters and plan accordingly. When the time is right, deploy the emergency response assets of AFIMAC and gain access to the support you need.

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