Natural Disaster Recovery Services Available Anywhere in North America

February 12, 2024

Natural Disaster Recovery Services by AFIMAC Global

Natural disaster recovery services from AFIMAC Global are essential elements of maintaining operations no matter what challenge presents itself. Between floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, and even extreme cold weather, employers and government entities have the moral and legal responsibility to plan for the unthinkable. Consider partnering with AFIMAC to plan for disruptions and natural disasters and tap into AFIMAC Response services that can be called upon, on-demand, when they are needed.

Disaster recovery services illustrated by a flood in New Orleans.

Natural Disaster Recovery Services

AFIMAC is unique in that clients often pay very little to simply engage with our team and plan for natural disasters. Having a third-party business continuity company such as AFIMAC develop natural disaster response plans for your business or community demonstrates your dedication to risk mitigation and disaster response. Without any plan in place, your recovery efforts can be challenged or delayed, ultimately putting your workforce or community at risk.

Only in the event a natural disaster strikes and resources are deployed to the job site do clients incur costs. Tap into endless human resources, base camps, and temporary structures to support your business or community in the event tragedy strikes. Such services are tailored to your needs and can help your community recover after any kind of natural disaster.

AFIMAC Disaster Response and Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic proved that truly anything can happen; while having no plan in place at all for such disasters exposes governments and private businesses to claims of negligence. AFIMAC Response demonstrates your commitment to ensuring your workforce has the support it needs while allowing employers to tap into support staff even when local talent is unavailable. 

AFIMAC sources support personnel, private investigators, security guards, and fleets of vehicles from across North America to leap over local labor shortages. Even when an employer’s workforce is unable to make it to work, AFIMAC facilitates the transportation and delivery of such resources. These workers can support a community or private business, big or small, even in remote parts of North America. We handle every detail of logistics, HR screening, and accommodation so employers can leverage talent when it would otherwise not be available.

Power Outage Solutions For Natural Disasters

When power outages challenge your private business or community, AFIMAC deploys solutions wherever they are needed. Our temporary generators can help keep the lights on even when local electricity is unavailable, powering entire buildings with our equipment. Such solutions are ideal for healthcare facilities that simply have no other option but to maintain operations, or private businesses that simply can’t afford to experience a labor disruption. Leverage these offerings to aid in community recovery, and have plans in place to pick up the pieces after a challenging disaster. 

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Equipment Rentals and Base Camp Services

Even when your job site or community faces a complete shutdown due to a duster, AFIMAC response can aid in recovery and deploy an entire temporary base camp to where it is required. Executive-style accommodations, temporary hand-washing stations, restrooms, mobile kitchens, laundry services, and hot showers can be delivered, on-demand, to support your community or business. Bring comfort to where it is needed, and leverage temporary structures that can accommodate your workforce as it recovers from a disaster.

Additionally, staffing solutions can be delivered alongside such deployable offerings. Leverage not just support personnel but also private investigators that can document the damage for insurance claims and give employers carefully documented intelligence sourced by a third party.

Natural Disaster Recovery Services Offered by AFIMAC Global

AFIMAC is North America’s premiere disaster recovery service provider developing tailor-made Response planning for any business or community. Capable of serving clients across North America, we offer solutions to some of the most challenging and unexpected natural disasters. Whatever your needs may be, AFIMAC can source, provide, and deliver the resources needed to properly recover from the unthinkable. 

As a company, AFIMAC is entirely non-political, supporting entities from all walks of life. Clients have included healthcare facilities, colleges and universities, governments, and well-known Fortune 500 brands. Many of our Response planning speaks to the complex nature of duty of care in North America, helping you take strides to provide a safe job site. 

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