Executive Protection Training:
Developing Your Own
Security Force

Executive Protection Training: Developing Your Own Security Force

February 27, 2023

Executive Protection Training for Politicians and Corporate Leaders

Executive protection training is the first step in developing a security team that can respond to risks and protect the VIPs they serve. The many risks facing corporations and their executive teams continue to mount in 2023, with an uptick in labor unrest that calls for significant security training. Executive protection certification isn’t created equally, and AFIMAC is proud to tap into some of the industry’s most experienced for its security training services.

AFIMAC regularly hosts security training seminars in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, available to senior leaders that maintain their own security teams. A well-trained security team can manage the security complications from difficult labor strikes, protests, and risks that come from traveling internationally. Expand on your existing security team’s skillsets and ensure they have the right training to mitigate risks and ensure safety.

Executive Protection Training: Why Train Your Own Security Staff?

A corporate security team that isn’t properly trained creates more harm than good, opening the door to complex liability issues for the employer itself. Should a corporation fail to protect its senior leaders adequately, the onus will eventually fall onto the corporation. Executives who conduct work in remote parts of the world, must cross a picket line to enter a workplace, or are negotiating a union strike, often experience unique risks that are exclusive to them – everything from verbal and physical harassment, stalking, and threats against their family.

For executives, a corporation’s duty of care responsibilities go beyond the traditional workplace, and an improperly trained executive security team can lead to negligence, injury, and loss of life. A week-long training program can better protect your senior staff and illustrate a corporation’s dedication to addressing their duty of care obligations.

An executive protection team should not only be able to respond to incidents but also be trained to recognize emerging threats and respond to them without incident. Ongoing security training and skill development can help ensure that your senior leaders can focus on conducting important business while internal security personnel handles risks as they arise.

Executive Protection: The AFIMAC Difference

AFIMAC specializes in addressing the risks facing senior leaders and executives. Our training is built upon the experience of some of the security industry’s most talented experts, offering real-world lessons from serving many of North America’s top corporations. Our training seminars are led by security professionals who have worked closely alongside dignitaries, Fortune 500 executives, celebrities, and athletes.

Executive security training from AFIMAC goes well beyond traditional security methodologies, including intelligence gathering, analysis, and on-site protection planning. In-field training from AFIMAC includes guidance for collaborating with local law enforcement and fellow security agencies while touching on driver training, emergency maneuvering, conflict resolution, and unarmed combat. Services can be expanded upon and tailored to your company’s needs.

Executive Protection Training: Who Requires Executive Protection?

Political leaders and high-ranking executives who conduct work in the public eye need internal security teams that are highly trained and capable of mitigating risks before they become much more complex. Further, executives who travel for work to remote job sites, including destinations like Mexico, South America, and beyond, face extensive travel risks such as violent assault, theft, and even kidnapping for ransom. 

An untrained security team can distract and cause stress for senior leadership, taking their focus away from work.

Executive Protection Training: Contact AFIMAC Today

Contact AFIMAC directly to explore executive training services that can take your security team’s skills to the next level. In 2023, the security risks from labor unrest continue to mount, and executives and political leaders are faced with uncertain times beyond the traditional workplace. A properly trained security team is the first step in risk mitigation, offering peace of mind for the VIPs challenged with threats against themselves, their families, and their homes. Further, ongoing training and dedication to risk mitigation help corporations avoid the complexities of liability.

AFIMAC’s upcoming executive protection training seminar is slated for this spring. Register today by emailing Wayne Green directly at wgreen@afimaccan.com

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