Mobile catering trailers are deployed to a busy trade show event staffed with temporary professional chefs.

Mobile Catering Services

Mobile Catering Services for Film, Television, and Community Events & More

January 17, 2024

Mobile Catering Services Delivered Across North America

Mobile catering services simplifies many of the challenges employers experience when hosting events outside of the typical workplace. Mobile catering services speak directly to the needs of the film and television industry, as workplaces located beyond the studio simply cannot be serviced by traditional catering companies. The same applies to those who host community fairs, music, or town festivals, that call for mobile kitchen trailers that can be deployed directly on-site. When large-scale community or professional events require you to feed the masses, mobile event catering services from AFIMAC Global offer solutions to these complex issues.

Mobile catering services are called upon at a trade remote wedding event.

Regardless of the destination, the mobile kitchen services of AFIMAC can be deployed directly to your space or job site and staffed by professional chefs. Tap into the incredible mobile “comfort” resources of AFIMAC and facilitate the needs of your guests with solutions that include mobile kitchens, executive suites, showers, restrooms, and an ever-growing array of equipment rental options

Mobile Catering Services for the Film Industry

Many film sets that are temporarily set up in small rural towns or remote locations simply don’t have the resources to facilitate the needs of an entire workforce. Long hours and VIPs that expect certain levels of comfort create a logistical nightmare for employers looking to cater to their staff and ensure everyone is comfortable during their work assignments. Failing to provide such services can harm the reputation of a film company and have well-known actors or actresses looking elsewhere for their next work project.

Mobile commercial kitchens that are dispatched directly to the film location take much of the leg work out of transporting large amounts of food back and forth between the job site. When food services aren’t on site, the quality can be compromised due to logistical challenges. Local and small-town catering services may not be able to facilitate large-scale film sets, which often call for extensive planning and preparation.

AFIMAC Global can take much of the complications out of food servicing for film and television sets, with mobile kitchen services and professional chefs located directly on site. AFIMAC can guarantee that even the most particular workforce will be well-fed, ensuring productivity and avoiding complications.

Food Services For Community Events

When hosting a community event, large-scale fair, live music event, or food festival, catering can be especially difficult.  

Full-service catering solutions from AFIMAC help event organizers address the need for ongoing catering services, ensuring that every member of your workforce never has to worry about being fed. Even when small towns are host to particular guests, AFIMAC brings professional chefs directly to the job site to facilitate world-class catering services that can adhere to dietary restrictions of all kinds.

Exploring Executive Accommodations for VIPs

County fairs, musical festivals, and motorsports events that draw large crowds often lean on well-known guests for entertainment. Oftentimes, booking a special guest, musician, or band calls for much more than just signing off on their appearance fee, as their needs don’t stop there. Food, comfort, and accommodations are often part of the booking arrangements for special guests and public appearances, calling on organizers to provide a world-class experience, regardless of where the event is taking place.

Ensuring that your guests have the best possible experience is no easy feat, and the costs of transportation between the job site and event space can be costly and complicated. AFIMAC can facilitate extensive catering services and executive-style accommodations directly at your venue so that your guests are just steps away from the event.

These solutions offer exceptional comfort and a quiet place away from large crowds so your guests can properly prepare for their performance. Many of these mobile accommodation resources are reserved for executives with the most exceptional tastes and are sure to speak to the needs of your event’s most particular VIPs.

Mobile Catering and Event Support Services from AFIMAC Global

Take steps to ensure that your event workforce and VIPs have the best possible experience. Comfort operations from AFIMAC Global take on much of the logistical challenges for employers in the film, television, and special event industries, allowing staff to focus on their work and helping promoters put on exceptional events.

Lean on AFIMAC to provide full-service catering solutions, executive accommodations, and even event security resources that can speak to the need of your job site. No event or film site is too big or too small; contact us today to learn more about the extensive resources at your disposal.

Fill out the form below and learn more about both our mobile kitchens but also our temporary workers who can support your next event in need of catering. Contact us today.

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