Hand washing station rentals for support of community events, fairs, concerts, festivals, and religious events.

Hand Washing Station Rentals
for Marathons and Bike Treks

Hand Washing Station Rentals for Marathons and Bike Treks

November 20, 2023

Hand Washing Station Rentals for Outdoor Events in North America

Handwashing station rentals are a simple way for hosts to promote proper hygiene. Offer guests these services while reducing the spread of germs and bacteria. Renting a portable hand washing station is an affordable option for addressing the risks that come with holding large outdoor events in rural or metropolitan environments. Play the role of host to a runner’s marathon, community fair, or farmer’s market and provide handwashing in the outdoors. Renting a handwashing station or portable sink is a small price to pay for the peace of mind it provides. Many of AFIMAC’s mobile assets and event support are best suited for outdoor team building, community fairs, street festivals, and much more.

Hand Washing Station Rentals at an outdoor event in Kansas.

In a post-pandemic world, event hosts, including concert promoters and municipal governments must remain dedicated to managing the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses. Provide a safe and healthy event space for all patrons and explore equipment rental programs from AFIMAC that can bring mobile assets directly to you. AFIMAC handles all logistical challenges of deploying mobile handwashing stations, best suited to serving the eastern coast of North America.  

Hand Washing Station Rentals for City Marathons

Large marathons attract the general public, along with friends and family, in support of those running for their own personal benefit or in support of a charitable cause. Renting a deployable handwashing station can reduce the spread of germs and demonstrates that an event host has taken measures to ensure the safety of all participants.

AFIMAC Global can deploy mobile handwashing stations at the heart of your next event. Whether a marathon is located in a busy city center or a small rural town, AFIMAC handles every logistical detail with rental options for short or long-term assignments. 

Equipment Rentals for Mountain Bike Treks 

Outdoor adventure events including mountain biking treks, dirt bike racing, or rally car events, call for the same precautions as any other large-scale gathering. The only issue is that these events are hosted outside of major cities in either small rural towns or in the depths of the great outdoors. 

AFIMAC Global specializes in providing mobile assets such as handwashing stations, showers, or portable accommodations in remote locations. Our experience in the natural disaster space makes us highly capable. Navigate the logistical challenges from supporting events in non-traditional locations, even the great outdoors. Make strides as a responsible host who is dedicated to ensuring the safety of everyone involved. Lean on AFIMAC to provide mobile assets on-demand, wherever you may need them.

Hand Washing Station Rentals for Outdoor Concerts, Community Fairs, and Food Festivals

Municipal governments looking to embrace a full return to normalcy must still make efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Handwashing stations deployed in the heart of your next outdoor fair, concert, street party, farmer’s market, or food festival is the simplest way to promote proper hygiene practices. 

Hygiene stations can be rented out for short or long-term assignments, working to support municipal governments for any event.

The costs that come with investing in hygiene are incredibly small for the peace of mind that it provides.

Should your vendors or guests fall ill, government entities can point to the third-party efforts that were utilized in order to ensure the safety of everyone involved. 

Equipment Rentals and Mobile Assets from AFIMAC Global

Event hosts across North America can benefit greatly from the many rental offerings of AFIMAC which can include everything from handwashing stations, mobile showers, executive-style accommodations, restrooms, power generators, temporary structures and tents, along with so much more

Fill out the form below and speak with an AFIMAC representative today. Many of our assets can be deployed on short notice to your event space, with AFIMAC bringing resources directly to you. Tap into everything you could need to serve the general public. Contact us to rent mobile kitchens, staffing solutions, and security offerings. Contact us now to learn more. 

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