Lease Equipment and Mobile
Assets to Support Workforces

Equipment Leasing and Mobile Assets to Support Workforces

December 21, 2023

Equipment Leasing Benefits and Solutions for Employers

Equipment leasing and mobile assets speak directly to the needs of employers who call upon their staff to work on non-traditional job sites. Pipeline building, mining, forestry, construction, and players in the natural gas space require their workforces to visit some of the most remote parts of North America. AFIMAC continues to expand its equipment leasing opportunities to businesses that are facing logistical challenges and need access to power generators, mobile trailers, and accommodations to keep their staff comfortable and productive.

Equipment leasing illustrated by mobile restrooms.

Consider leaning on AFIMAC to bring comfort and support resources directly to remote job sites when there are no other immediate and local options available. In areas where there are simply no accommodations, electricity, or lighting, AFIMAC provides equipment and logistical solutions anywhere in North America. All leasing options are flexible, allowing your workforce to gain access to the right equipment without ever buying the physical asset itself. Save time and money and leapfrog over the logistical challenges of working in off-the-beaten-path destinations across the continent.

Equipment Leasing: AFIMAC Solutions to Logistical and Availability Challenges

Transporting your workforce to distant job sites is often the easy part, but bringing the right tools and equipment is another issue entirely. In addition, providing comfortable accommodations to your staff can be extremely challenging, especially when the job site is located in the depths of North America’s wilderness. In these situations, local offerings remain limited in available equipment and hotel offerings. Traveling workforces deserve to be kept safe and comfortable, even if their work calls for visiting uninhabited parts of North America.

AFIMAC equipment leasing offerings provide both flexibility and logistical solutions to these problems, bringing everything from generators to lighting rigs and mobile accommodations wherever they need to be. House and accommodate entire workforces with short and long-term comfort solutions with low upfront costs and flexible payment plans that give staff access to the resources necessary to complete their work on time and within budget.

The Benefits of Renting Equipment

AFIMAC continues to invest in its fleet of mobile assets that are designed to keep the lights on for public and private entities across the continent. Outright purchasing similar assets can be costly for businesses, especially when work assignments have pre-determined end dates. Business entities can save both time and money by partnering with AFIMAC to deliver and deploy these assets for the length of the work assignment. Rental arrangements are flexible, with payment plans that can work with any budget. Once clients have completed their work assignment, AFIMAC facilitates the return of such assets.

Lighting Rigs and Power Generators

Some workforces complete emergency work around the clock, especially in the natural gas and construction industries. When your own business is unable to facilitate appropriate lighting, AFIMAC can step in to provide solutions to such problems. When productivity needs to be ramped up, and your business needs to work through the dark to get the job done, AFIMAC responds to such challenges, working closely alongside leadership to ensure your success. AFIMAC can even provide temporary labor solutions to supplement your workforce and ensure demands are met.  

Mobile Accommodations, Kitchens, and Bathrooms

Comfort is an often overlooked element of traveling workforces, and your staff may be looking elsewhere if the employer is unable to provide sufficient accommodations. Bring comfort wherever it needs to be with AFIMAC mobile assets that are often reserved for executives and natural disaster responses. Mobile kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and even handwashing stations can be deployed to address the challenges of comfort in non-traditional job sites. 

Available at a fraction of what these assets would be to purchase outright, employers can bring comfort anywhere in North America.

Equipment Rentals From AFIMAC Global

AFIMAC continues to provide exceptional responses to employers in need across a wide variety of industries. AFIMAC can source equipment to support your efforts even if there are no local options available. When logistical hurdles threaten to slow productivity, AFIMAC is by your side to respond to such challenges. Consider leaning on AFIMAC for all of your temporary construction labor needs, as well.

Fill out the form below and learn more about our equipment leasing options that continue to expand to serve your business better. 

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Equipment leasing illustrated by mobile restrooms.
Mobile Trailers for Rent
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