Mobile Medical Facilities

Medical Support Services

Mobile Medical Facilities

Mobile Medical Facilities

Mobile medical facilities can support job sites, screen workers, and provide aid amid a pandemic or natural disaster. Deploy resources to any job site in North America and provide exceptional duty of care even when local resources are limited. AFIMAC leaps over logistical hurdles helping employers and governments support their human resources and community members no matter the challenge.

It’s no secret that a natural disaster can cause billions in damages to your community or organization. Developing plans to manage such risks ultimately acts as a responsible action that every employer should take. Simply partnering with AFIMAC comes at a small cost, with such plans acting as a means of showing an organization’s dedication to exceptional duty of care.

Bring in additional support when facing a serious natural disaster or any kind of crisis to support your workforce or community. Part of our mobile base camp services can include the staffing of support workers including medical support for whatever the need may be. Call upon full-service solutions and aid for any kind of crisis, and look to the future to plan for such challenges. AFIMAC can be called upon to provide additional aid when other options are limited.

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Tap into human resources no matter what the natural disaster or challenge may be. Begin planning for the risk of natural disasters well before they occur. Risk management services from AFIMAC typically begin in the planning stages, allowing employers to call upon AFIMAC for additional support only when they need it. Having a plan in place can help save your organization or community precious moments in the face of a disaster or crisis.

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