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AFIMAC Status Report:
Cindy Nash, Chief Operating
Officer at AFIMAC Global

AFIMAC Status Report: Cindy Nash, Chief Operating Officer at AFIMAC Global

November 15, 2023

Cindy Nash AFIMAC Global, headshot.Cindy Nash AFIMAC Chief Operating Officer

I’m excited to report that AFIMAC is making significant investments in technology across all spectrums of the company. This digital transformation will empower AFIMAC to elevate efficiency and deliver an enhanced client experience. 

AFIMAC’s future direction involves taking much of the traditional expertise that the company has built over 40 years of business and marrying it with modern technology.

As AFIMAC partners with many different clients across multiple industries, often for short bursts of time, we will employ more tools to support our operations and make us far more efficient. 

At the Heart of a Digital Transformation

We are taking AFIMAC to the next level from a technological modernization and digital transformation perspective. This modernization is actively underway, and all the constituents around the table will benefit.

An Evolution to Better Serve Our Clients

In my time here, I have seen first-hand that if a company experiences a crisis or requires assistance with its operations, they are in the absolute best hands. AFIMAC is industry-leading, with deep expertise and experience capable of serving many industries on short notice with security and labor solutions. Even with that level of excellence, we never sit still and are continuing to pursue advancements that elevate the service we provide.

Cindy Nash, Chief Operating Officer at AFIMAC Global

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