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Temporary Labor Services Available Anywhere in North America

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Temporary labor services remain in incredibly short supply, especially in industries where outdoor or uncomfortable job sites are part of the job. AFIMAC is unique in that we are far more than a local staffing agency. Our capabilities extend beyond any local neighborhood as we continue to recruit skilled and general workers who are willing and ready to be deployed anywhere in North America. Our mobile workforce can support your temp labor needs in the short term while helping you put plans in place for labor issues in the long term.

Temporary labor services are called upon to a job site in Delaware.

Considering The Bigger Picture Of Your Short-Staffing Concerns

It’s no secret that the sentiment of the average worker has shifted in a very different direction. Post-pandemic, it is a buyer’s market for anyone looking for work and is willing to jump ship from one employer to another. This is especially true in small rural communities where skilled talent and general labor are simply not applying for jobs that were once in hot demand. With no immediate solution in sight, employers should be at the very least considering every option available to them,

What Makes AFIMAC Temp Labor Services Different?

The truth is that many local temp agencies are recruiting from the same talent pool as every employer in your area. The end result is labor market leaning more and more in favor of the everyday worker. Until labor shortages subside, many temp agencies are competing with one another, and you as an employer. AFIMAC brings staff in from beyond your local area, housing and transporting our own workforce for bursts of work at a time. Many of our temps have worked alongside AFIMAC for many years, accustomed to traveling for work.

AFIMAC maintains a traveling workforce sourced from across Canada and the United States. We deploy our staff to a variety of job sites in a support capacity, providing solutions to localized labor shortages with human resources delivered to you.  We work closely alongside our clients to provide solutions to complex labor shortages that call for skilled labor, on-site, often on short notice.

Exploring The Depth of AFIMAC’s Staffing Services

Temporary Labor Services For Labor Shortages

Unique Labor Challenges Call For Unique Solutions

Rural parts of North America, including places like Massachusetts, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Maryland, Montana, and New Hampshire face incredibly complex labor shortages that could benefit greatly from AFIMAC’s service offerings. These states continue to have very limited solutions to general recruitment challenges, especially in the construction, maintenance, and general labor sectors. The same can be said for Canadian provinces such as British Columbia, Quebec, and the Yukon, where there simply are not enough willing participants in the workforce.

During these times, employers can fill in the holes in their workforce alongside AFIMAC Globa. Gain access to labor solutions and implement a business continuity plan that helps you have arrangements made when labor shortages threaten productivity.

Skilled and General Labor Temp Services At Your Services

AFIMAC has spent decades developing our own mobile workforce that can be dispatched to a job site to aid an employer with their labor needs. Over time, our workforce has developed the capability to serve construction sectors, healthcare facilities, and manufacturing industries with swift and efficient labor solutions. Such offerings can help any employer avoid critical labor shortages that could challenge productivity and harm your bottom line. In terms of skill sets, they range in great diversity, including everything from general support workers to far more specialized offerings. Begin your temp labor search with AFIMAC and gain access to the human resources needed. to make ends meet.

Temporary Labor Services Available Anywhere In North America Including

Employment Agency Services in The United States of America

Employment Agency Services in Canada

Temporary Labor Services: Human Resource Provider in Canada and The United States

Call upon AFIMAC for immediate temporary labor services to your job site. We know very few logistical boundaries as we facilitate the safe transportation and accommodation of our staff, while you refocus on what matters most. Push back against labor shortages, absenteeism, and challenging recruitment environments, and explore a wide range of skill sets via AFIMAC. While our headquarters is located in Ohio, we continue to serve well-known employers in the manufacturing, healthcare, post-secondary, automotive, and construction sectors. We also provide an incredible range of security and support personnel who can direct traffic, cook, clean, and support other workforces. Fill the hole in your recruitment needs and partner with us to explore long-term solutions to your short-staffing challenges.

Labor Solutions For Hospitality Employers

The hospitality sector faces complex challenges in recruiting and retaining talent in a buyer’s market for many general workers. When labor is in short supply, AFIMAC can provide solutions, with mobile staffing solutions for hotels, airports, resorts, food services, and so much more.

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We are happy to answer any and all questions regarding your labor needs. We are incredibly proud to serve clients from all walks of life in an incredible variety of industries  Fill out the form below and contact us now. Learn more about the types of labor available to you suitable for any occasion.

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Temporary workers can do a wide range of work for factories, manufacturing plants, but also perform maintenance, cleaning, shipping, receiving, security, and much more.

Work assignments vary greatly and employers can expect incredible flexibility from AFIMAC staffing services.

AFIMAC refers to our workforce as a mobile workforce.