AFIMAC Status Report:
Joe Schollaert, CEO of

AFIMAC Status Report: Joe Schollaert, CEO of AFIMAC Global

September 18, 2023

Photo of Joe Schollaert CEO of AFIMAC Global

AFIMAC Global has been very active on several different fronts as we continue to get requests for augmenting company workforces with our contingent labor. Labor disputes across North America have ramped up significantly, along with a substantial increase in requests for protective services. As of this moment, things look strong going into the fourth quarter and beyond.

AFIMAC remains focused on our core business of labor dispute services, which is forecasted to experience significant growth throughout the new year. New and existing clients can also expect bolstered service offerings related to our traveling contingent labor solutions, protective services, equipment rentals, and workplace investigations

We are excited to extend our workforce with ongoing hiring intended to promote our multi-faceted and organic growth initiatives. We are confident that AFIMAC will be a force within the corporate risk mitigation space, dedicated to better serving our clients in North America and abroad. Our mobile assets, including deployable showers, accommodations, handwashing stations, power generators, and lighting rigs, are being revamped with flexible rental programs to serve corporate entities in the live event space, corporate retreats, and even high-asset wedding services.    

Ongoing Modernization of AFIMAC Global

Company-wide, we are taking a close look at our overall systems as it relates to information technology. We continue to enhance this element of our business to not only improve the experience for the end user but, more importantly, increase the efficiency of and our ability to effectively execute and deliver services. Our goal is to streamline our processes, invest in automation systems, and reduce workload internally on our personnel while exploring the use of AI. We are committed to investing in many software platforms that can make us far more efficient internally and externally. 

We plan to launch new services through organic growth and potential acquisition targets. Within the next four years, AFIMAC is looking at doubling or tripling our size.

Labor Disputes and Business Continuity

Historically, labor disputes have been cyclical; however, since the pandemic, labor dispute activity levels have risen.  In addition, finding people to work has proven to be very difficult for many companies, and workforces have used this to their advantage to bargain more aggressively at the table.

The successes that the private industry has had from a deliverable standpoint and profitability position have quite honestly been because of its people. Workforces know and understand the value they bring to an organization. As many corporations look internally and consider restructuring some elements of their business, it could impact their bargaining unit members.

Being around for as long as I have, you notice the waves of activity. Currently, we are coming off of a two or three-year valley period, with more labor disputes ramping upwards and heading to a peak that is likely to remain for a couple of years.

The AFIMAC Difference

When it comes to business continuity and risk mitigation, AFIMAC gives clients additional resources they do not have internally. We cover many different disciplines within an organization and can provide these resources not just in North America but globally. 

With all the various industries and sectors we have been exposed to, AFIMAC has a large and diverse database of personnel, especially when it comes to semi and highly-skilled multi-craft disciplines. The AFIMAC difference is that we are not like traditional temporary agencies, as our personnel live throughout the country. We use a traveling workforce that will come in, much like a precision strike team, to resolve the issue. 

Open Season for 2023 and Beyond

We are fully committed to providing our core services, as well as expanding others, including protective services, investigations, equipment rental, leasing programs for our mobile assets, and our flagship contingent workforce offerings. 

Whether the risks against your business are related to labor disruption, natural disasters, or workplace violence, AFIMAC intends to be a one-stop and full-service solution for equipment, personnel, and security.

Joe Schollaert

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