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Maria Septien Managing Director of AFIMAC Global

Maria Septien AFIMAC GlobalMaria Septien Managing Director of AFIMAC Global

Business travelers from North America need to understand the country or city they are visiting, along with the travel risks of their destinations. There are many different Mexicos, and travel to Mexico City to conduct business would come with different risks as compared to if an executive was visiting manufacturing facilities outside of the city. AFIMAC’s intent is to keep you safe during that business trip.

As a company, we can develop intelligence on the regions where you are visiting and help corporate travelers make informed decisions regarding possible risks. AFIMAC provides clear recommendations for your travel needs and can advise on how we can best support your staff during their trip.

We’re also seeing many North American industries looking to open facilities in Mexico and the Dominican Republic as an alternative to places like China. For corporations doing business in Latin America and Mexico, from a risk perspective, you will have many different challenges. Such an investment is important for the auto and manufacturing sectors but comes with different security risks, especially along the American-Mexico border. 

AFIMAC risk profiles and assessments help industries examine such business decisions from a safety and security perspective with 360 risk analysis that looks at every detail of a business plan. AFIMAC risk management supports corporations by assessing every possible risk and helping corporations minimize the security challenges of conducting business in Latin America.

Much of our support is also for cross-border transportation for American executives crossing into Mexico. Our strategy includes security drivers, GPS tracking, emergency response, and monitoring.

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