Emergency Generators

Power generation services show via a mobile generator.

Emergency Generators Deployed By AFIMAC Global

Emergency generators can act as a safe haven for your business or facility when facing a natural disaster or critical power outage. Private businesses, healthcare organizations, and even North American communities can partner with AFIMAC to have power generators delivered when they are required, helping you develop contingency plans in the event your source of electricity is disrupted. Have plans in place for every possible risk or connect with AFIMAC in the midst of an emergency to source solutions to floods, disasters, or hurricanes.

Power generation services show via a mobile generator.

Emergency Generators Available Anywhere in North America

What makes AFIMAC unique is our ability to deploy mobile assets and equipment across the continent. The process often begins with extensive planning for risks that can include anything from a natural disaster, fire, or emergency of any kind. When the time is right, such plans can help any organization keep the lights on, even when no other options are present. Such disaster and emergency planning is ultimately a responsible choice, helping employers or political leaders maintain continuity and protect their community or workforce.

Power Generators Options In Support of Workforces

Outdoor work comes with unique challenges, especially when the job site is in a non-traditional location. Forestry, mining, natural gas, and construction often call for additional support when other resources are simply not available. Consider deploying power generation options to help support your workforce, along with a suite of mobile assets to keep staff safe and comfortable. Our offerings continue to grow in an effort to speak directly to the needs of our clients located anywhere in Canada and the United States.

Emergency Support For The Healthcare Industry

Lean on AFIMAC to plan for the risk of a power outage impacting your healthcare facility, hospital, long-term care home, clinic, university, or hospice facility.

Power Generator Services In Support of Employers

Have emergency support services delivered to a job site that is short on power or electricity. Lean on AFIMAC to handle logistical details and provide solutions to powering your job site. Equipment and electricity generators are available should surges in demand for electricity occur.

Plan and Manage Risk Alongside AFIMAC Global

Emergency power generators are just a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to effective risk mitigation, especially regarding natural disasters. AFIMAC is a full-service provider of natural disaster response, capable of providing entire base camps, equipment rental options, and fleets of support staff. Have plans in place for the unthinkable and consider that truly anything can happen to your community, business, or healthcare facility.

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