Workplace Health Screening Services

Workplace Health
Screening Services

Workplace health screening services being conducted by a doctor.

Workplace Health Screening Services by AFIMAC Global

Workplace health screening services being conducted by a doctor.Workplace health screening has been made available to clients across North America. Screen your entire workforce for symptoms of COVID-19 or other sickness alongside AFIMAC Global. Take steps to prevent the spread of illness and pinpoint staff that should stay home, reducing the risk of infecting others. Consider regularly screening your staff for health-related concerns and building a healthy and productive workforce alongside AFIMAC Global.

Consider the duty of care implications that can come from any sort of health-related issue impacting your business, and consider what role AFIMAC can play in the future.

Workplace Health Screening Services Post-Covid

Employers can still pursue health screening services or solutions from AFIMAC Global in the post-pandemic world. COVID still poses duty of care challenges to employers, and health screening can work in a workforce’s best interest to keep them safe. Lean on AFIMAC to provide offerings that speak to your duty of care needs, including health screening for COVID, or any health-related issue. Ensure your workforce is healthy and productive and take strides to ensure the safety of all your employees, vendors, and customers.

AFIMAC can also closely work alongside clients to plan for pandemic risks in the future, or any kind of sickness outbreak that could threaten the business or workforce. Bring additional human resources to your job site to assist in screening, or explore security offerings that can control the flow of people coming in and out of your job site. Have plans in place for future health risks and leave the fine details to those who have specialized in these issues for many decades.

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