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AFIMAC Status Report:
Richard Feronti, Director of

AFIMAC Status Report: Richard Feronti, Director of Risk Mitigation At AFIMAC Global

October 11, 2023

Image of Richard Feronti of AFIMAC Global.

Operational Perspective with Richard Feronti

AFIMAC continues to add significant infrastructure and talent aimed at helping us build and develop a greater client focus with increased capability. AFIMAC is experiencing many elements of growth to help us better serve our client base.  

We are adding a greater focus on the field aspect of the company, including the training of internal talent along with an improvement to many of our internal processes. Heading through this growth period, we are expecting to have greater ability now and well into the future. This includes our mobile assets, non-strike labor, and disaster response. 

Labor Solutions for Strike and Non-Strike-Related Events

The largest growth potential is to continue serving our current and new clients in the non-strike labor world. The national trend is seeing many industrial and manufacturing workforces gradually becoming older and smaller, and many companies are looking to hire more staff, which will be a challenge with this labor shortfall. 

AFIMAC is capable of addressing these labor challenges being experienced across the continental US. Whether it is setting up a new facility while an employer hires locally or providing solutions during a labor stoppage, this shortfall in labor can be dealt with by AFIMAC. 

A Seismic Shift in Worker Sentiment

We are entering a period of vigorous negotiations over labor contracts, and union workforces are likely to continue to press for living wages just to keep pace with inflation. Many workers have been through a lot during the pandemic and want to see new contracts that are favorable to them. The everyday worker is willing to take a firmer stand in the near term, and employers should be planning for disruptions to their business continuity well in advance. 

The biggest thing any client can do for us is to give us time to work with you and all the elements of your company. 

It is much wiser to have a plan and not need it than it is to need a plan and not have enough time to properly execute it.

It often costs nothing until you deploy a contingent workforce, and any recruiting fee pales in comparison to the economic impact a company would feel if they were unprepared for a work stoppage.

Planning to Maintain Business Continuity

Clients should start to plan four to six months before a labor stoppage. Those who do not will have a difficult time maintaining business continuity when a strike occurs. We encourage new and existing clients to build a relationship with us and plan for these issues. We remain ready to serve and provide solutions to some of the most difficult challenges your business is likely to face in its history.

Richard Feronti – Director of Risk Mitigation at AFIMAC Global, weighs in on the nature of labor, labor shortages, and business continuity planning. AFIMAC Global continues to serve major well-known brands across North America, big and small, with contingent labor needs. The professionals at AFIMAC, such as Richard Feronti, have specialized in such matters for years.

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