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Dave brainard of AFIMAC Globa.

AFIMAC’s Corporate Forecast: Dave Brainard, CFO of AFIMAC Global

My goal is to enhance the financial capabilities of AFIMAC with the intent of providing both better customer service and support to our operations department. Finance supports AFIMAC’s operations and other departments while analyzing historical information and underlying trends.

By examining the company’s historical trends, we are able to forecast the short and long-term outlook of the business. With that forecast in mind, finance can determine the company’s operation needs and have them in place well in advance. Much of the strike-related work is out of our control, but as a company, we must be prepared for when customers call upon us to assist with a strike.  

Forecasting and Planning for the Future

Dave Brainard of AFIMAC provides a corporate update including expansion of power generation and equipment rentals.

AFIMAC values our relationships with our customers. Our operations department works closely with our clients week-by-week to better understand their needs, and how long they plan to use AFIMAC’s services. This information changes daily because our customers’ needs change daily. We use this data internally to project our revenues, which then becomes the basis of our forecast.  

Looking ahead, the short and long-term forecast for AFIMAC is very positive. 

However, we continue to look backward, as we have a robust opportunity pipeline ahead of us in 2023 and 2024. We have been able to determine the conversion rate of this pipeline and predict sales in varied periods of time. This information helps us plan for the added support we need for our business while serving our customers.

For example, we may need to boost our recruitment efforts to address the needs of one of our customers or plan for added support of the business. We are continuously planning for the costs associated with what lies ahead, ensuring that all the support services are in place to create those revenues and better serve our customers.

The Ongoing Evolution of AFIMAC Global

Our customers are evolving; if we want to keep them, we must evolve with them. AFIMAC’s old manual processes are inefficient and need to be upgraded as we grow our business. We are looking to double our size, the number of customers, and the number of employees, but we don’t want to do it manually. We want systems in place so that we minimize billing and payroll errors. We continue to eliminate financial errors internally and bring efficiency to all elements of the company. We must have better systems in place to meet our customers’ needs; otherwise, they could move on entirely. 

Capitalizing on the Opportunities That Lie Ahead

There is an emphasis and focus on future opportunities. Our bend-the-curve initiatives focus on additional equipment sales and rentals while ensuring the necessary support is in place to achieve our goals of growing the business.

We want to ensure the company has an adequate return on all investments and initiatives, with as few roadblocks as possible.


Dave Brainard, CFO of AFIMAC Global

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