Monitoring a Government’s Perception and Promoting Public Trust

A government’s reputation is the key to success in keeping the public's trust. At AFIMAC, we can assist in alerting you to rising political issues and what is being said about them. Poorly planned responses can have long-lasting and damaging effects that can hang like a cloud over agencies tasked with protecting the public.

AFIMAC analytics can prepare security departments to allocate resources and anticipate threats before they happen. Being able to mitigate risks provides security departments with the tools to protect assets, preserve reputations, and avoid litigation.
Speaking to the Needs of International Governments with Only the Highest-Quality Resources

A government's reputation depends on the quality of staff. An agency can minimize risks by ensuring that the people they are hiring meet a minimum required standard to protect their information and infrastructure. The use of AFIMAC analytics allows government agencies to make informed decisions about whom they hire based on the pattern of behavior prior to the hiring process.

Governments sometimes have to make unpopular and difficult decisions; the public’s reaction can sway at a moment's notice. With AFIMAC analytics, monitoring public opinion can help mitigate risks and plan for protests. All of this aims to protect the reputation and the foundation that the government is tasked to uphold. Being forewarned allows organizations to be forearmed.
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