Address Your Duty of Care Obligations with Travel Risk Management

Globalization has resulted in a myriad of challenges associated with conducting business in foreign countries. The primary areas of concern are often security, safety, and business continuity, especially during crises. International security service providers like AFIMAC have to consider vital critical components when dealing with local nationals, which could potentially include the majority of a clients’ workforce.

AFIMAC offers global services, including security, crisis management, travel risk management, or any other service required in either local or foreign countries. AFIMAC provides a holistic approach for corporations, based on extensive research and detailed analysis. Additionally, the KSA (Knowledge Skill Abilities) of AFIMAC staff members can set the stage for success in foreign countries, where many have stumbled because of being ill-prepared.
Offering a Holistic Approach to Serving Global Corporations

For corporations in foreign locations, the challenges can often be culture-centric. Language, customs, laws, and social infrastructure can impact the methods and programs implemented by a company. AFIMAC can assist an organization manage security operations and help set the pace for daily activities. The main focus of AFIMAC is to ensure the security of personnel during transit with travel risk management offerings and asset protection. Address your corporation’s duty of care obligations, mitigate risk, and touch upon all aspects of your business’ operations with AFIMAC services.

AFIMAC is a leader in the field, offering security and risk management to global companies. Inquire directly with AFIMAC representatives and begin identifying your company’s needs with a proven comprehensive approach that has been successful for well over 30 years.
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