Workplace Investigations - Overview and Case Study
Workplace Investigations - Overview and Case Study

Date: Tuesday, October 27th, 2020    |    Time: 1:15pm - 2:15pm EST    |    Cost: FREE
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Workplace investigations have increased over the years, with many high-profile cases circulating in the media. This has brought attention to workplace issues that we were not aware of in the past. These situations can have a significant impact on your brand, as well as your team’s morale. In our webinar, we will discuss the following:
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Topics Discussed Overview
  • Conducting Investigations During COVID-19
  • Virtual Interviews – New Reality
  • Platforms for Virtual Interviews
  • Investigations That End Up Involving the Police
Case Study:

We will review a case involving a transportation company contracted to pick up and deliver products. Drivers were found to be skimming products prior to delivering them to the end-user. We will walk through the investigative process, as well as the different phases of the investigation.
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Webinar Speaker

Jim Rovers Jim Rovers
Senior Vice President - Operations

Jim Rovers is Senior Vice President - Operations, for AFIMAC Canada. Mr. Rovers is a security practitioner having worked extensively in Canada for the past 30 years. Jim has responsibility for all of AFIMAC Canada's operations. Specialties: Labour Dispute Management, Threat Risk Assessments, Investigations, Executive Protection.
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